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DJ JazzyJeff - Hip Hop feat. Twone Gabz

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Okay i still wanna tweak a few clips and clean up the quality on a new upload soon but im throwing this up on youtube anyway.

For anyone who has never been to see Jeff do a live show i think this throws together what kind of an atmosphere you'd be in for, and for the people that have been to one then you'll know what im talking about. Enjoy


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Cheers guys. Hoping to get a better quality version up tonight. Youtube is strange for its compression though. You never really know what its gonna be like til its up.

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Attempted at uploading a high res version but it came out almost identical. Oh well.

Back to 0 views now from the 70+ i had over a few days so i ask you all kindly to watch again and spread the word hehe. Cheers.

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