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What Are You Listening To? XVIII

Da Brakes

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Im so hood remix - Dj Khaled Ft. T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Fat Joe & Rick Ross.


Ludacris verse is so good, he kills it like no other.. Big boi flow is real good there too..


I'm my hood…LUDA!

Everybody come equipped wit bangers (BLAOW!), throwin up our middle fangers (WHAT)

And you know I don't slip, so I gotta keep

ten in the clip and one in the chambers

Better be walkin with angels, and never take candy from strangers

Through the stress and strife, had to earn my stripes like I played with the Bengals!

(WOO!!) I'm in the zone homes, goin for the two point conversion

+I'm So Hood+ that Ludacris shoulda been on the original version (yep!)

But this is the remix, with the cheap tricks, hittin sweet licks

And I cut the braids off but the waves and the fade'll make you sea-sick!

(OH!!) And this is the way that we ball, (HEY!) and this is the way that we brawl

So put a fist in the air if you care that united we stand and divided we fall

(HEY!!) When the South's in the house, better watch yo mouth

Cuz we on that hood ****, I'm hood rich

Comin around yo' hood, BITCH! I swear I'm so…



Sorry for the Language I was quoting the Lyrics there..

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LL Cool J Feat. Dru Hill "Big Mama"

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Rakim "It's Nothing"

He really spazzed out in that second verse:

This is hell and hell is where the storm is, drug sellers kill for corners

Death is here to haunt us, the president's still in office

The heaven's hear the horrors, and letters fill with warriors

Deadly weapons fell before us, the Seventh Seal's upon us

Rakim won't fear, begin to fear, the end is here, you goners

Stiff as rigormortis, now let 'em feel the chorus

When the God spit, I'm still a yards stick of real performance

Record deals and touring, my repp is still enormous

I hit the block or party and mami's be watching papi

A show be smashed, photographed by the paparazzi

My army's armed and highly, don't bring no drama by me

It's deadly, fill your boy with blanks, slash, kamikaze

The alpha and omega, no doubted innovator

In front of your bodega, it's the style-originator

You doubters and you haters, Ra 'bout to end your data

With Writer's Block, I'm off the top, without the pen, no paper

The archeologist that y'all acknowledging

Then I start the apocalypse then watch the God demolish it

I heard the news, this the dude they wanna hear from

Take it from square one, lace up them Air One's

Then bring the new commandments to the planets

For living life in the hood and for the music fanatics

It's for the time's beyond and my love for writing songs

When the club mic is on, I'm on my just to cipher, bomb, I'm back

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MARY J. BLIGE - Keep Your Head

Share My World (1997)

Man, what a classic album. I have'nt listened 2 this album the whole way thru' in a looooooong time. It's takin' me back HARD. Bring back R-N-B like this!!!!!

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Christina Milian "Ring Me Up"(Produced By Laze and Royal)


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