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Hancock 2?


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The thing is, even if I didn't think that the movie was great, and hate Sony for cutting it down to get a PG-13... I really want to see a sequel,

the way the movie ended was a bit cheesey, especially when that kid said "Hancock" and Ray and Mary kissed, but...

with the music in the end, and

Hancock flying through NY

I just wanted more! So I hope they'll make a sequel, but do it as a straigh superhero movie, with a bit of comedy and drama... Not two good movies, but too short, cut together to one...

I really think that it would have been better if this was three movies, the first being the first 50 min or so, with the big twist in the end, and the second wold be the last 30 minutes of the movie, and the third would start of like a year after the second one ended... And the movies should have been more than 90 minutes long, more like 2 hours...

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The sequel should be focusing on hancock right now, being an A** as a superhero, no more silly storylines about his past, no more drama, just action and comedy. Like Will does it best! oh, and a soundtrack! lol

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if there will be a hancock 2 then i would definitly be pyched (spelling?) to go see it. Any will smith movie ill look forward to see. i got my wisdom teeth out 4 hours before i went to see the first hancock the first day it was out so im pretty sure if im doing nothing id go see the second one the first day it came out

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"Legend" Prequel, "Hancock" Sequel?

They may be amongst the weakest films he's done, but Will Smith's two most recent major hits look like they're about to become franchises.

First up, Warner Bros. Pictures has set in motion a prequel to post-apocalyptic thriller "I Am Legend" which Francis Lawrence will again direct reports the trades. Writer D.B. Weiss is currently working on a script.

Smith is expected to return to the role of military scientist Robert Neville in the story that will deal with the final days of humanity in New York before a man-made virus caused a plague that left Smith's character the lone survivor in a barren city over-run by deadly nocturnal mutants.

In less official news, a reliable source tells Dark Horizons that Sony has quietly set a "Hancock" sequel into development. More on that when it comes.


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