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Karl Malone was in "Rockwell" with Michael Flynn, who was in "Stripes" with Judge Reinhold who was in the "Beverly Hill Cop" film(s) with Eddie Murphy. Who was in "Life" with Martin Lawrence who was a "Bad Boy" with Will.

Will - Dan Inosanto........You want a clue? Edited by the real big willie
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Denis Lawson directed a tv movie called "solid geometry" which starred Ewan McGregor who is going to be in "the Island" which is being directed by michael bay who did "Bad Boys (2)" which had Will Smith. now, Michael bay also directed "Armegaddon" who with Bruce Willis who was in "the whole nine yards" with Mattew Perry.

This was it ladies and gents. we had close to 80 posts and i am taking this opportunity to end this game. We had a good run, it was fun, but now its over!!! i hope you had fun...

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