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JJFP Summer Tour Dates (official Thread)

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Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince will be performing:

June 10: Sydney's Hoyts Entertainment Quarter - Sydney, Australia - Hancock Premiere

June 18: Leicester Square - London, UK - Hancock Premiere

June 27: Hyde Park - London, UK - Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration

June 30: L.A. California - US - (not sure if they are performing at this)

These are dates I've pieced together so far. I will update this thread as we get news on more shows.

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Tim when you say pieced together, what exactly do you mean?

What is your source, are these legit???

PM me if need be

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Woohoo! Sydney, Im there. Hey Hero1 when you find out where we can get tickets can you post it or hit me a pm, I'll be needing a few :gettinjiggywitit:

You won't have to get tickets..They are performing at the Hancock premiere.. which will be at hoyts entertainment quarter..

Lang Rd

Moore Park 2021


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I don't know if he's gonna come to spain to the premiere of the movie but if he does <i'm sure he's not gonna come with jeff and there'll be no performance at all :thumbdown: :shakehead:

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Thanks for the news, thats awesome. I can do the Black Curtain thing, but even if I dont see the movie I get to see Will perform right cause its a public performance. I might see the movie anyway, but Id be stoked just seeing Will and Jazzy Jeff perform. Thanks for all the info man.

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