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FPOBA in number 15 in the...

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i checked their site and the show is called "Sitcoms We Secretly Love".

20. The Facts of Life
19. The Brady Bunch
18. Family Matters
17. Who's the Boss?
16. WKRP in Cincinnati
15. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air :rock:
14. Growing Pains
13. What's Happening?
12. Mork & Mindy
11. Punky Brewster
10. Full House
9. Diff'rent Strokes
8. Too Close for Comfort
7. Perfect Strangers
6. Gilligan's Island
5. Married…with Children
4. ALF
3. Bosom Buddies
2. Saved by the Bell
1. Three's Company
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I looked back thru that list and the only ones I like out of it R

Family Matters
Full House
Married Wit Children (haven't seen it in a while)
Three's Company

but if I ever happen 2 catch any of these shows when there's nothing else I really like on, I'll watch it.
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