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First 50 Cent goes on to promote his movie, now Snoop Dogg is on promoting his album???? What is going on here? These gangsta rappers got suburban kids into buying their music, now they want to hook their moms and grandmas???? They say his album (which is mediocre even by rap standards) has singing in it now (no surprise he would fall into that), but the album's still full of violence, weed and pimpin, things a soccer mom watching The View would be disgusted with. What's next...Flo Rida going on Country Music Television promoting his album? "I's from da south, just like y'all".

IMO, this is selling out at the highest level to get the almighty record sale, even from the wrong people.

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lol, man, dont take it like that, lol, maybe snoop its reaching out to new public, imao, thats what rap needs, a new public and Im sure star jones would have agreed on that. 50 cent was also mocking fat joe because of his low record sales, maybe snoop doesnt wanna fall into that too...

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A "gangster" rapper...on the view? SAY IT AIN'T SO! I am SO mad! This is outrage, I say...I spend my whole life trying to be mad at something pointless and I don't even get to start a thread about it!

Relax dude...the audience at the view is just about as fake and superficial as Snoop's fans, or maybe even more so (And I say this purely deriving from the fact that they give a standing ovation for just anybody, Jerry Seinfeld and Kathy Griffin deserve different levels of excitement shown!). And regardless of what you say, every soccer mom ever finds sensual seduction irresistibly catchy....

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