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Dissing Will Smith


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Unless a diss track is done right, like Ether (where it's just nonstop, point-for-point lyrical assassination), then they usually come off as petty and not very good. People get caught up in "beef" and aren't really getting great music out of it.

I'd love to see Will actually do something so great that it just squashes everything anyone would ever think of bringing at him again.

A lot of gangsta rappers spread a lot hate about people like Will but the reality is that they're living a life different than the one they rap about. Will just raps about the life he actually lives.

God Blessa!

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That's kinda funny in a pathetic way. FP has more respect in the Hip-Hop community than Dre does. Dre has been inconsistant as an artist and a producer. I like alot of his stuff but he sadly can't be seen on the same level as legends like FP, who is consistent and true 2 himself.

I remember that when BB2 came out, i thought it was wack that Dre was putting the instrumental of a 4 year old song in the movie...it made no sense and showed his lack of creativity...not 2 mention his struggle 2 make a good beat for 2003. Dre can grow up any day now. He's probably been bulking up so that if FP were 2 meet him in a dark ally, he might stand a chance of getting one weak punch in.

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He's been working out...that's all i'm saying. Other than Dre's Chonic days, he's best year was 96 when he was saying how gangsta rap was fake and just for entertainment. He said it was dead. He said he was gonna be making real Hip-Hop and doing records with no cussing in them. Then he flipped it and sold out, being lazy and predictable. Every once in awhile he does a song that'll let u know he does have something 2 offer, he just doesn't care anymore about being a real artist.

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Will didn't diss the gangsta rappers, Will dissed the gangsta rap. He didn't attack anybody. In fact, it was them (gangsta rappers) who criticized him before, questioning his rapping skills and saying he was weak. It was Will who fought back, but he did it with songs, with an album, with style. And the most important of all... why now? It's a bit late to make such comments, don't ya think? The only reason I find is that Dre is jealous of Will. Period.

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Gangsta Rap is a very big business and millions of people live from gangsta rap, which is why I do not think Will should criticize gangsta rap. It is like Em said, Will doesn't have to curse to sell, others do. Not everybody can make a movie and earn 20m bucks...

I got your point but I do not think people should be judged by what they do for a living. Will Smith did that and that is what he gets back.

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I fail to see how Will criticising gangsta rap isnt a criticism on gangsta rappers.

The word in all this is opinion. Will gives his opinion on gangsta rap in music, it's fair enough everyone is allowed an opinion on it. In terms of gangsta rap, we all have an opinion. Some think it's wack, some think it's a great evolution of hip hop. It is what it is. If this is true from Dre, it's petty, but I don't think we need to make too much of a big deal about it. If true, it was a retaliation to Will's opinion, it's hardly worth making a fuss over.

Both will go down as legends in the industry, and we don't even know if this is true or not.

Can Will bury haters on a diss track, probably, can Will take them down one on one, as Ty suggested, it's debatable. But if either of those happened wouldn't that be Will straying away from the artist and person we all support? As others have said, 'Wave Em Off' it's not worth worrying about. If it's true of course.

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