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I, Robot Blu-ray edition


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Title: I, Robot

Starring: Will Smith

Released: 19th May 2008

SRP: £22.99

Further Details:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray release of I, Robot for the 19th of May, priced at around £22.99. Disc specs are likely to be identical to the US release, but we haven't had confirmation at this time. Here's the artwork.



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More details..

I, Robot Blu-ray 3D Dated; Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Robot Head Package Revealed

Fox Home Entertainment has announced an October 23, 2012 release for I, Robot starring Will Smith on Blu-ray 3D, a title that had been first announced without a release date earlier this year.

To commemorate the release, Fox has made a scant 250 I, Robot Blu-ray 3D gift sets that will be exclusively sold to attendees who visit the Fox booth #4313 at San Diego Comic-Con starting on Thursday. Each gift set includes an exclusive robot head that houses the movie inside.

Those wishing to pre-order a Comic-Con exclusive I, Robot Blu-ray 3D gift set will need to fork out $99.99. Once all 250 have sold through there will be no more.



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i Robot 3D to be released October 22nd

The conversion of Will Smith’s robot flick i Robot will be released on 3D Blu-ray, skipping a cinema re-release.


The film, in which Will Smith rages against the robotic machines in the year 2035, is the first of a series of back catalogue conversions from Twentieth Century Fox. The viability of converting films just for 3D Blu-ray rather than for theatrical releases like Titanic 3D is due to new 2D-3D conversion technology devised by JVC which is claimed to cut existing conversion costs and time by two thirds.

Speaking at NAB earlier in the year, Susumu Sakakibara, Director Video-Tech and General Manager Business Development, JVC said, "With this service a feature like i Robot can take three people three months to convert at a third of the price."

This is possible, he said, because the technology reduces the amount of manual rotoscoping from around 100-150 roto moves per frame to an average of nine.

So far there has been a direct correlation between man-hours, time and quality of conversion so 3D Focus is curious to see what level of quality has been achieved for the i Robot 3D Blu-ray release.

For their re-release of Independence Day in 3D next summer, Fox are turning to Studio 3D, the same conversion company who converted Titanic to 3D at a cost of $18 million. Perhaps this indicates there will be a distinct quality difference between theatrical and Blu-ray converted re-releases.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will also be releasing Avatar 3D and Prometheus on 3D Blu-ray in October and i Robot is available to pre-order from Amazon now .


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I think it's awesome that two of FP's movies are getting this treatment. I can't wait to see ID4 in theaters again. I kind of wish they'd put I, Robot in theaters again for a week. The nostalgia would great!

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