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I've been playing this game since it came out a few weeks ago. I've been playing it nonstop and I'm experiencing a tetris effect where I see blocks falling all the time. Audiosurf is a game where you "ride your music."

The Wikipedia description: "Audiosurf is an IGF award-winning puzzle - rhythm hybrid game created by Invisible Handlebar. Its track-like stages visually mimic the music the player chooses, while the player races across several lanes collecting colored blocks that appear in sync with the music."


So basically you can play using all of the music on your computer. It supports basically any audio format (iTunes included). What makes it a lot of fun is that you're taking your music to a more interactive level. Then when the song is done you check the score boards to see how well you did compared to everyone else who played the song.

So why am I telling you guys all of this? Well, being music lovers I figured this would be the perfect place to talk about it. Especially since we have a lot of similar tastes in music. The competition would be great. I'm not getting paid by these people, I just think y'all would really like this game.

There's several different modes and difficulty levels. I got a few video's showing a couple of them:

Ninja Stealth Mono (don't hit grey blocks):

Ninja Stealth Mono

Ninja Stealth Mono

Pusher (push blocks left or right):


Those are only two of many modes but they are my favorites. There's a free demo of the game on the website: http://www.audio-surf.com/. Game is really cheap too.

I want somebody to play and I want that person to be YOU. Now is your chance to be something special and really do something with your life. Make that something Audiosurf.

God Blessa!

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Definitely worth trying. Definitely worth the [small] price too, but it really is affecting my life now. I've been seeing blocks come at me since I woke up this morning.

Also, if you don't have it, you'll need Steam (<--clickable) to play it. It's free and it won't do anything to your computer. It's how we compare scores and play with each other.

Speaking of comparing scores, I forgot to mention that if you're number one at a song and someone beats your score, Audiosurf will send you an e-mail telling you what happened so you can go get your top spot back. There's no spam, just a nice little feature to up the competition.

People, you WILL like this game. A lot of people are playing it now.

God Blessa!

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yeah great game.. I really need a decent gfraphics card tho cause its very slow for me.. its all in the songs you choose..rap songs suck..faster songs are good.. i recommend beck e-pro!

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The rap songs all depend on the flow and beat. A regular clap beat will be pretty slow. But I've played a lot of fast hip hop tracks. Skee-lo's Superman song, for example is pretty beaver-dam-fast. Found a lot of fast songs with Lupe and Saul Williams. Loretta is a fast song. Really there's a lot though. I prefer fast songs too.

Also, when you buy it you can play on the elite difficulty. That's what I always play unless I'm playing with my girl. That mode throws out more notes and a bigger challenge. More fun though, if you're good.

Glad you're liking it! Did you buy it?

God Blessa!

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