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According to a newly unveiled retail standee, Warner Brothers will release I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, March 18 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. Keeping true to their recent Blu-ray allegiance plans unveiled at CES, the studio will hold back the HD DVD release until April 8. That's a full three weeks after the Blu-ray bows.

The standee also tells us these releases will include an alternate theatrical version of the film with controversial ending. Whether this ending will be seamlessly branched or not remains to be seen.

What surprises us is the fast turnaround Warner has applied to their big holiday hit. Our guesstimates placed I Am Legend for a late April release at best, not a hair over three weeks after first appearing in theaters. Don't get us wrong; we'll take it as soon as we can get it!

Disc specs, pricing, special features, cover art, HD DVD orientation (standard or Combo) and pre-order information should become available with the official Warner announcement, which we expect within the next few days, or sometime next week.

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