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Question about Will


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[quote=badboys,Aug 24 2004, 08:35 PM]Hey everybody... I just wanted to know if anyone knew how much Will is worth... With all of his movies and music, he`s gotta have a huge fortune... I was just wonderin around how much it was!?! Even if he is loaded, Im sure Will is the same nice guy from Philly and he is a really down to earth guy.

Just wonderin how much hes worth...

[font="Arial"][color=blue]I'd say priceless.

You just don't run into genuinely nice guys like him everyday...but always runnin into jerks of all flavours of "perpertration" . lol.

3cookies [/color][/font]
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I think I might have it right...
well, there's this time on access holliwood they said will is worth in the 300 millions..
that was like three months ago.i ain't sure if it's still the same..
aight guys peace
[b]Word Life[/b]
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