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What a great movie!


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It wasnt but, the cinema i went to isnt generally busy and it was 11.30am on boxing day. But when we got there it was just opening and there was a queue of people and i think all of them went to see i am legend, lol nobody wanted to see the other films.

My best friend loved it and her mum said it was depressing, well its about the last man on earth its supposed to be depressing haha.

That's not too bad. Glad it's doing well overseas.

When Sam died, I thought of you. I was like, "Julie's gonna be pissed."

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Just came back from watching it and I thoroughly loved it! The darkseekers are so freaky its unbelievable! I'm not sure what the ending was changed from since I didn't read any reviews before hand or read the book so I was totally fresh. I'd defo recommend it...not if your pregnant tho!

There wasn't an empty seat at the cinema I was in!

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I went with my Girl Friend to the premier day (as I do every WS movie)... and she was late so we had to go to the next round an hour and a half later ( :thumbdown: ) I made an angry face all that time... and gave her a speech on how WS is important and all that since I was a small kid and in the last 10 years I saw every movie on his first day the first time it was shown.

any way she held my hand all the time and she jumped from anything (since the trailers in the beginning) so I got scared and she got me scared even more when she jumped every time lol...

the movie is so wonderful except of the beginning that the camera move all the time and it made me dizzy a lil bit.

the end is so beautiful and surprising.

I gonna see it again in Imax I think...

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I went with my Girl Friend to the premier day (as I do every WS movie)... and she was late so we had to go to the next round an hour and a half later ( :thumbdown: ) I made an angry face all that time... and gave her a speech on how WS is important and all that since I was a small kid and in the last 10 years I saw every movie on his first day the first time it was shown.

I know how you feel dude :lolsign:

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okay just got back..the movie theatre was packed..they were adding extra screenings left n right because it was selling out so fast..i'e never seen the big theatre i was in full like that..

I thought it was a great movie with a truly appalling ending. That is a true hollywood crime right there, because the ending of the novel was its greatest strength..and all they had to do was stay true to it.. they really should not have called this movie "i am legend" if they were gonna **** on the ending like that .. but I digress!

the opening of the movie was brilliant..truly spooky..

i loved the minimal use of music..it really added to the tension and atmosphere..

francis lawrences directing was pretty damn good

will's performance was fantastic! neville really lost it and will portrayed that fantastically

and yeah the cgi was laughable

also i wish they kept cortman..his calling for neville at the start of the movie really would have added to the scariness of the situation

but yeah really enjoyed it and left disappointed by the end..most ppl in the theatre i saw were very underwhelmed wasnt a very positive reaction at the end..

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What was the original ending in the book?

Much of the story is devoted to Neville's struggles to understand the plague that has infected everyone around him, and the novel details the progress of his discoveries.

One day, a dog appears in the neighborhood. Neville spends weeks trying to win its trust and domesticate it. He eventually traps the terrified dog and wins it over, but it dies from the vampire infection a week later.

As the story progresses, it is revealed that some infected people have discovered a means to hold the disease at bay. However, the "still living" people appear no different from the true vampire during the day while both are immobilized in sleep. Thus, along with the vampires, Neville kills the still living people. He becomes a source of terror to the still living, since he can go around in daylight (which they can only do for a short length of time using a special pill) and kill them while they sleep.

They send a still living woman named Ruth to spy on Neville, and they replicate Neville's relationship with the dog. Ruth, terrified of Neville at first sight, goes against her role of spying on him and runs away. Rather than spend weeks trying to win her over, he attacks her and drags her back to his house. Eventually Neville performs a blood test on her, revealing her true nature to him right before she knocks him out with a mallet. Ruth leaves a note telling him about the group of people like her, explaining that she was sent to spy and how monstrous he appears to them. Months later, the still living people attack, injuring Neville, but taking him alive so that he can be executed in front of everyone in the new society (which Neville finds very primitive).

Before he can be executed, Ruth provides him with an envelope of pills. Neville takes the pills to commit suicide before the still living execute him. As he dies he reflects on how the new society of the living infected regards him as a monster. Just as vampires were regarded as legendary monsters that preyed on the vulnerable humans in their beds, Neville has become a mythical figure that kills both vampires and the infected living while they are sleeping. He becomes a legend as the vampires once were, hence the title "I Am Legend".

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The movie found its way to Poland and I was able to see it at an advanced screening.

Let me start by saying this: the movie is AMAZING. It could make it to my #1 spot of all Will's movies. Now I'm gonna include HUGE SPOILERS so be careful for those who haven't seen it yet.

Deserted NYC looks beautiful. It's scary but also in a strange way poetic. The first moment when it cuts from Thompson's interview to the empty streets is pure cinema brilliance. It gets better from there on.

The movie of course has little to do with the book. And you know what? Doesn't bother me one bit. I like faithful adaptations. But faithful adaptations are very easy. Because a book gives the reader everything he needs including images. It creates pictures with its descriptiveness, it delves deep into the psyche of its characters and gives more than we need to fully "see" the story...so how hard can it be to make a faithful adaptation? You take an intelligent man to direct it and he will transport everything onto the screen just the way it is in the book including the dialogue. Not only is it in fact easy, it can lead to very bad things ("Da Vinci Code" anyone? - a VERY faithful adaptation) So what I respect more is take the book's premise, get the general idea behind the story and create your own vision of it using small elements from the book. It's what they did in "I, Robot" and what they did here. "I Am Legend" is a brilliantly updated version of the 1954 Matheson's novel. It focuses more on the motivation and both emotional and psychological development of its main character rather than on the horror part. Which is exactly what I loved about the book. It was scary as hell at times, don't get me wrong, but the movie is not about the scare tactics, it's about the man and the man's journey.

This is why I wanted so badly for Neville to die at the end of the movie because his death in the book symbolized the end of his journey. He fought so hard to try and find the reason for the disease and to try and find other survivors that when he realized the world has moved on and evolved on its own, there was no longer any need for him to live. He became a legend among the new civilizations. In the movie, the end of Neville's journey is the fact that he found a cure and that there are other people who survived who needed it. His job was done. His mission was over and he too became a legend among the living because of his discovery and his sacrifice to make sure that the cure was saved by Anna.

That's the reason why I liked the movie's ending a whole lot more than I was expecting to after reading the reviews. Because it doesn't matter if there are other survivor's or not. Doesn't matter if it's a happy ending or not. The movie is about a man and his commitment to fulfilling his destiny of becoming a legend which is why it's okay that they kept the title. Of course, the Anna's voiceover was unnecessary, basically her finding the colony was unnecessary. Because the movie was not about her. We could have just as easily assumed that she made it out of there and delivered the cure to the right people. I'm kind of a director myself and the way I would have ended it would be to volume down the sound, volume up the music and with the camera showing Will's face we would hear his internal monologue about why he did what he did for the past three years. Then, the explosion still during his speech and the monologue would be heard as the camera would fly through the empty streets of New York ending with HIM saying the words I Am Legend. Wouldn't that be better?

Will's performance was top-notch - it's something completely different from what he has done so far. He was on the spot with every single delivery, look, gesture - f**king master!! I cried like a little girl when Sam died and when he started talking to the lady in the DVD place. Powerful stuff.

The CGI - again not as bed as I thought it would be but still made less of an impact than if we had real people with heavy make-up instead. The were ok when they showed them separately and standing or lying still but when hordes of them started running and jumping, they looked too cartoonish.

Music - however little we heard, it was beautiful. It really was.

To sum up - a solid, fair 9 out of 10 (0.5 points taken for the ending and another 0.5 for the CGI)

Man, I wrote a lot...anyone even read what I wrote?


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Nice Review Mr K! :thumbsup: I still disagree with you about the ending tho.. I would have been quite happy if they changed the ending in the book and it was good but it wasn't.. I agree Will's acting with sam and the mannequins was sensational tho :yeahthat:

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People are going to disagree with what im about to say but im dissapointed in the book. Partially bcoz of my own stupidity tho. So the start was very good, i thought the dog bit was way better in the film, then the book went downhill when Ruth turned up. So im reading and i think im half way thru, a load of stuff happens and im thinking what on earth is going to happen next after a big incident lets say. So i read on, and its some random stuff about ping pong balls, so i think it will make sence soon. Turns out i'd forgotten the book contained lots of short stories. So if they were short stories then ive read the end of i am legend. That was it, thats what happened. I was dissapointed, and it may have had something to do with i thought i had about 150 pages left lol. Yes im THAT stupid.

Now im not being biased coz i like Will Smith but i prefer the film, ending and everything. You know how people say in the film it was good at the start, it went downhill and the ending was very quick, thats how i feel about the book.

Maybe whatever u do first book or film that is your favourite.

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