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Today i picked up a DVD called Tupac Assassination that covers the murder of 2Pac. Hip-Hop's biggest mystery is 2Pac's death. Love him or hate him, his lyrics, inteviews, schetchy murder, it's unsolved status, his doctored music and movie roles, the lawsuits. It truely is one of the weirdest things in Hip-Hop.

I grew up on Digita Underground. 2Pac wazn't really a frontman but he ran with the crew i still love 2 this day. In 1991 i started following becuz of his jump in2 the movie Juice. I actually didn't follow 2Pacalypse Now very closely becuz at 12 years old, i wasn't going 2 be able 2 buy that album...ha ha. However, but the time "Strictly..." came out, i waz down more than most. Me Against The World is one of the best Hip-Hop albums ever. Then his legal problems and drama overtook so much of his character and life. While his "deal with the devil" got him out of jail and on Deathrow Records waz something i never liked. I can't deny that the album is dope. We all know that while he waz basically the biggest thing in Hip-Hop and Rapat the time, his life waz cut short. Even back then, i remember hearing the newz on the radio, i thought it waz Suge Knight and his crew behind it. I remember my brother coming in my room and telling me that he died almost a week later. That kinda stuff has always stuck with me. Even tho' the doctored album are nothing compared 2 his real music, i still buy the and i still find the raw essence that 2Pac created in each track and appriciate that much of it. Even if they got a wack artist on the song and a watered down beat under him. Since 1996, i've bought most of the unathorized 2Pac DVD's just cuz they capture a bit a rare footage of the man that would have grown up and been a big part of saving Hip-Hop in the mainstream (had it even gotten half as bad as it is now).

Anyways, on2 the DVD. Without giving it all away, let me tell u that u don't have 2 like 2Pac or Hip-Hop to like this documentary-style video. It starts at the root of things and interviews law and court experts, 2Pac's bodyguards, law enforcement, etc. It's amazing how many holes the story and case has. This video says how bodyguards witnessed 2Pac screaming and cussing at Suge saying he waz leaving Deathrow and that he waz done after Makaveli. They told stories of Suge calling bodyguards 2 keep 2Pac from taking all of his masters from Deathrow and how the label had millions of dollars that were supposed 2 go 2 2Pac and the rest of the artists and staff on Deathrow. 2Pac's masters were the only hope the label had in paying just part of that. It talks about Suge's righthand man who waz a crooked cop who had crooked cops working 4 him who also managed a "security" service. It talks about how the legit bodyguards who were friends with 2Pac were not interviewed by cops. It talks about all drama and the plan that the killers had. It talks about how Reggie told 2Pac 2 not wear a bullet proof vest and told the bodyguards 2 not carry guns that day. It talks about how they took the Nextel radios from some of the crew messing up their communication. It talks about how one of the bodyguards refused 2 not take a weapon and how he waz taken off of 2Pac and told 2 run security at the club 2Pac last perfomed at. It talks about how the cars surrounding Suge's car trapped them. It talks about how the bodyguards gave detailed information 2 police who later said they couldn't ive any information to them. It has law enforcement saying how they weren't aware that Compton police believe they found the car the killer was in (the only white Catty rented in Compton that weekend) and tried to inform Las Vegas police. How LasVegas police denied help from America's Most Wanted when they wanted 2 cover the story. The one bodyguard shares who he heard on Reggie's radio "got 'em" and later heard someone say "Don't say anything on the radios."

It truely is a twisted and magnificent story. The DVD just came out. I found it as Target for $12. There is some footage scattered throughout it from June 1996 when he waz recording the Makaveli album.

And for the 2Pac fans who haven't picked up the Nu-Klazzics Vol. 2 Remix album, trust me, this is the best 2Pac album release since Still I Rise.

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Calling 2pac's murder an assassination is something deep. I have a few of those 2pac DVDs as well. I tend not to think about it anymore, and I haven't listen to 2pac in a really really long time. 2pac & Biggie, I swear there is something to it and it's nothing new. Everybody that knows the story can gather evidence and every finger pointed would be justified. I find it ironic that 2pac was the savior for Deathrow, no masters means no them, and Deathrow is nowhere now. The whole Tupac murder, even Biggie and Jam Master Jay is mind boggling. And I just thought of this, of those who were murdered and involved in Hip Hop, has their murders been solved? It's topics like these that can make up talks for years. I might pick up this DVD for the extra more detailed stuff u said AJ, but most of it, I've already heard thru the few DVDs I have.

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The only 2Pac DVD's i have are about his life. This is the 1st one i've ever seen that approaches it as an event...not about him, music, or Hip-Hop. Just the law and the amazing amount of mistakes in the case.

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