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Ok some of you may be well aware of this but just read a bulletin from J-Live on myspace about his next release

1 The Incredible (produced by Jazzy Jeff)

2 Once Upon a Mic (produced by Oddisee)

3 Practice The Magnificent Remix (produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff)

4 Feel Like Spittin’ (produced by Da Beatminerz)

5 Red Light Green Light (produced by DJ Spinna)

6 Practice (produced by Marco Polo)

After a two year hiatus, J-Live follows his last critically acclaimed full length “The Hear After” with a sneak attack in the form of a 6 song EP “Reveal The Secret” “I want this to feel like it came outa nowhere. I want the people that have it to feel special you know. Let them spread the word that I’m back. Pass it .. the album drops. You know… let the cat out the bag, reveal the secret.”

Its no secret that J has worked with his fair share of elite producers in the past. And although this fall’s mini project is just a precursor, it is no different. Reveal the Secret features production by DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, Da Beatminerz, Marco Polo and Oddisee. “ My people have been dying for me and Spinna to get back in the lab. He’s been down since day one. We have a couple other joints on the album too” The album, titled “Then What Happened” is due out 2008. But in the meantime, the EP will serve as a best foot forward, on J’s path to share his music with the world, breakout of obscurity and “Reveal the Secret”


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Crap...you beat me to the posting of it. haha I was just about to make the topic.

Wow, it drops in 1 week. I can't wait, it sounds dope. Can't wait to hear The Incredible.

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The EP dropped today! And itunes pulled through and put it up. I'm just about to buy it. Anyone else remember and bought it yet?

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just bough it off itunes.. the jazzy jeff track incredible is brilliant!! nice chuck d voice sample chorus "once again back its the incredible" cut up by jeff.. dope melodic beat by jeff and j-live killin the rhymes!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:

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Wow, I didn't know Jeff produced The Incredible (guess I didn't see that in before). I really like that track. I can't say that the production is very good though IMO (besides JJ's beats). I think the weakest aspect of J Lives stuff is his beats aren't always up to par with his rhymes. But Once Upon a Mic is definitely a dope song. Good beat + good rhymes.

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