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There was a time when we the only music we had from Kel Spence was his verse on 'Uhhh' and a couple of tracks on the Wild Wild West soundtrack! We wanted more....so said so done!

Fast forward 8 years and we have a multitude of Kel songs! So what is everyone's views now? Are you pleased with what we have? Did he live up to expectations? What do you want to hear more from him?


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I think I should be the only one allowed to reply to this thread since I'm the only one that showed concern 8 years ago and on. A few years ago he was still the rapper where you said "What ever happened to that guy?" He released The Streets Know That the first time years ago, but nobody knew how to get it. Now he's growin quick. Blowin up on myspace. Puttin up more songs than we ever thought we'd hear from him. Some blend in because the beats are from songs originally made by wack rappers. Shame too, cause he does it how they should have been the first time. He still shows that he's the talented guy we saw in 99 though. Hope he does big things.

God Blessa!

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I agree with Tim. Back then, Kel was just coming up writing and rhyming. He was light years ahead of of all the popular rappers getting success back then (except for the one's who established themselves in the 80's and 90's). He just didn't have his voice other than being FP's up and coming potna. As time crept on, we know what he waz capable of when The Streets Know That came out. I had no idea where 2 get it from but luckly i got the hook up and got a mixCD straight from 3rd Power (including 2 freestyles that u won't find anywhere else). The freestyles were dope becuz they illiminated his only weakness back then...schetchy production. His freestyles were over current beats from other artists and his lyrics shined just the way i hoped they would. When it came 2 "The Streets Know That - EP," the subject matter and rhymes were great. The only weakness 2 the EP is that he didn't have access 2 the best beats. That waz the project 2 truely getting things rolling. The "Who Is Kel Spencer" mixtape is what really put him where he'll probably really dig his feet in. His rhymes have strengthened, the beats are getting increasingly better. There was still a track here or there that i wish got a remix just 2 upgrade the beat, but that's it. Moving on to the stuff he's put on Myspace. His lyrics are only getting better. However, he has choosen weaker beats for his freestyles...i think only 2 make him appeal 2 the commercial rap fans who are just now hearing him. When it comes 2 the actual songs, i only wish he did fewer songs with a sound like "The Building" and more with a sound like "The Definition." As a supporter, i can't knock his own artistic decisions...that's just what i want. So 2 hear that he finally has a stable record deal and that he's leaning towards a "backpack Hip-Hop" sound is exactly what i waz hoping 4.

He's come a long way. He's definitely one of the writers and rhymers of all time. It would be hilarious to even compare him 2 anyone on the charts right now. As a man, he's grown and matured. As a business man, he's learned alot and started alot of things that could blow up further if he wants them 2. I can't wait 4 the album. It's been a long time comin' and it's just around the corner.

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So maybe the KS we should be looking at isn't K Smith, it's Kel Spencer?

I could've known about Kel from the "Uhhh" when my nephew had the cd, but I didn't. Take away this site knowing and promoting about him, and I wouldn't. Eventually, he'd have to pop up. Just looking at his career is something special. All that progress. And he's actually been gaining momentum before '99. Performing at the president's inaugural ball is impressive, when you don't have a deal. I don't care what sound Kel comes with as long as he's who he truly wants to be in his music. And with that, I doubt disappointment.

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Well if you dont conisider Kel a necomer, you'd have to start around Wild Wild West.. Which as far as I know brings him pretty close to Talib Kweli. He aint Talib. If you call him a newcomer he's on the same shelve as Black Ice, Joell Ortiz and all them. All great Mc's in theory, but not really anything new. It just doesnt sound fresh to me.

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