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AJ! Can you help me out...


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AJ... do u remember several years back, when alot of us were doing heavy online promotions of some Will Smith projects with movies, a coupla album releases etc.. ??? There was one or two in particular that you did, and you asked me to edited abit for typos/.errors etc ... but,... there's one in particular with a LOT of pics, that i need to breeze thru real quick. lol... if you still have the link to that page, please send it to me via pm if its private, or on this thread if possible..thx...



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Wow, that waz a trip down memory lane! On my old Will Smith Fan Domain profile it had the link 2 th ALI site but it's no longer there. The only other street team site we did waz for Born To Reign and The Magnificent...and a page linking them. Man, me and Wes would stay busy with that stuff...ha ha.

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LOL... I saw those links too, and was over there for a minute laffin my TAIL off... hahaha....oh my GOD... those were the dayz... imagine 'me' battling,... i couldn't battle then, and sure cant battle now!!! That junk was funny at heck !!!!!!

edit: AJ!!!!!! I loved going back to those old sites. haha.. but thats the one i was looking for with the pics. hah. It even had an old link still to the Sony BBS Message boards!!!!

Thanks guys for all of the links... sure appreciate the love, AND the laffs for this evening..



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