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Im one of the hypocrites that visit both sites haha, but i think ws.com isnt as bad as it was, but its still not great. Any decent news is on this site anyway. But i think a couple of times ive seen something new on there.

I think a big difference in sites is the age difference, correct me if im wrong but i think most people at ws.com are in thier teens whereas we r in our twenties lol. Not that im agest, just i get along so much better with people at this site.

but trust me if u were there when AJ and cookies moderated it, u wouldnt like it so much now.

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Julie, I've been on ws.com since May 2005, I registered there as a member last September tho. I know it was better long time ago (I still remember the "Tell Me Why" thread when Jonny made the video), so I think I know what I'm saying. I'm just trying to keep a good relationship between the two sites, that's all. :thumbsup:

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But we're talking a lot longer than that! We were members in the late nineties and that was the time to be a member! It has seriously gone down since then! I admit it looks a lot better now but I agree with Julie and Tim with the age difference and the odd 'Will Smith is hot' posts!

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Yeah we were there during the born to reign times, if u were there then u were a proper fan lol. Tim, AJ, cookies, wes and others have been around for ages.

This site isnt as it was at the moment too, loads of the regulars are busy or not posting coz there is no music news. When Will was on tv around the world, people would always tape it for everyone to download, that doesnt happen over at ws.com.

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