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Will retired?

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No, its not true, no-one knows his implications towards rap music as there has been no clear statement from Will. One thing we do know, because JJ said it in an interview is that Will still loves hip hop, and there is possibilities of JJFP performing at some I Am Legend premieres. Nothing is guaranteed though.

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He made a comment months ago that dropping records might be a "thing of the past." But alot of the interviews and actions since then have pointed 2 more music and more touring in the future. It's just important 2 keep supporting his music 2 the fullest so that he doesn't get the feeling that the fans are tired of it.

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Even if he did stop. He could release the tracks he didn release

that's no fun for us though

why not? Will must have tons of recorded songs that has never left his studio. And hopefully JJFP got just as many. Wouldnt it be a good time , now that people say hip hop is dead, to release a JJFP album to bring people back to the time when the music was about something else than money?

A compilation with all the b-sides would be nice to.

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no artist, group or album can have any impact all alone..

I can't agree with that. When PE blew up, countless political artists and groups came out. Some of them may have bitten PE's style...and some of them may have been struggling artists who got a break when record labels realized that political Hip-Hop would get commerical support.

And when The Chonic came out, countless wannabe gangstas came out and the commercial game has been going downhill ever since. Then, and i don't even know how this mess up happened, people actually thought those dirty south losers actually made good "music." Why no single artist or group from the 90's to now totally pioners anything in Hip-Hop single handedly, when it comes 2 commerical success, often times, reguardless if it's a good or a bad thing, 1 artist or album DOES plant the seed that grows.

JJ+FP has what it takes 2 get the success...reguarless of the industry. And if things fall in2 place, we could see positive Hip-Hop come back 2 the charts. We could see albums that dont' have an explict lyrics stickers on the charts again. We could actually see real music on the charts again. Other "old school" artists and groups could get better chance of getting back out there. Who knows? Other than all of us wanting a new JJ+FP album, there's nothing but good things that could come from it.

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