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FuQ - Writer On The Block (Free Mix CD)


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http://members.soundclick.com/shareImg/58738 - (CD Cover)

http://members.soundclick.com/shareImg/58740 - (CD Insert)


Ok guys, my mix CD "Writer On The Block" is finally done. The past 2 weeks have been a bit stressful for me. I would've liked more songs, but I didn't wanna wait any longer. (I had my reasons) When it really came down to it, I just couldn't write anymore or freestyle. I needed a break. Maybe I need a day or two to ease up. So while I'm easing up, I'll promote it a bit. There's people online, there's people I see (and they'll see), etc. I feel like it's truly a step up. And I know it's not a true classic. But there's a full on honesty about the cd. I take on a bit of different styles. I got just a lil bit vocals on a couple tracks. I'm not gonna give away any more than that. But if you peep, you may be surprised by some things. :1-say-yes: There's songs you've heard, and haven't heard. I don't know where my route is gonna go, but it's an overall journey I think I'll feel good about. I will truly take to heart what some of your opinions or advice may be. (and I don't mean cry and pout about it) I mean think it thru on how to use the best of my creativeness, writing skill, delivery, vibe, rhythm, etc.

If you can't get the zip file, I'll have all the songs up at soundclick later today or this week.

Writer On The Block (The Free Mix CD)

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Yeah, "If" is a personal fav. I'm glad I was able to get everybody on the cd that I did. I don't think it could've worked out any better. Yeah, I've definitely came along way, but still got a lot to go.

Glad u liked "Hip Hop Told Me Be Easy". I heard the original song Hot Rod "Be Easy" on tv one day, and I got that idea from Mary's chorus. That seemed like exactly where the game was at right now and what hip hop would be saying to us struggling artists and such. Like the attitudes artists been having and need to have. I handed out about 5 today. Hopefully, things pick up in the coming weeks.

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Nice work on your mix cd Fuq. My favorites include Stressin Destiny, The Reign and Stand Out. You really did a good job dude.

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