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Will Out in NYC


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some pics are up of Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the "Reign Over Me" premiere

this film looks pretty interesting, i'm def. gonna see it, nice to see Jada back on the big screen after spending the last year or so supporting her guys on POH




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LOL @ Jimbo... thx 4 the link 2 tha pics Miss Ashley.... those are some pretty pics of Jada,...and Will also.

I haven't seen pics of Will and Jada in awhile, but he does have a few gray hairs here and there... Surely Hollywood isn't getting to him tho, with alla that energy he still has. LOL :3-laugh3: Jeff doesn't have any gray hairs, but a coupla years older than FP.. so im thinking that, its prolly just hereditary for FP to have gray hairs at his young age.... (well younger than me rather. LOL)



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Yeah I can't find them either..... I sall Reign Ove Me on friday it was a great movie IMO, some really funny parts in it aswell, Sandler did a great job, Jada on the other hand was a great supporting ... lol my girl was talkign to me afterwards saying how skinny Jada is shes like wow shes like 40 and shes skinny as me lol..

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