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I'm seeing Jeff (Again)

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Going to see Jeff again, and just found out Ugly Duckling are playing too, i like them guys.

Now i just gotta bug Jeff & Darnell about filming the show aswell.

April 20th, can't wait.

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its on the bbe site, and was announced on here a while back. I just searched Jazzy Jeff and Sheffield on google to find where the venue was.

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European Tour


5th Lost Club, Bergen Norway

6th Barcelona Spain

7th Club Yes at Berns, Stockholm Sweden

8th Newcastle UK

10th Cambridge UK

11th Sevilla Spain

12th Munich Germany

13th Belgium

14th Rotterdam Netherlands

15th Glasgow UK

18th Club Goa, Rome Italy

20th Sheffield uk

21st Biel Switzerland

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well this one is is pretty cheap. £8.00

Ugly Duckling are performing too.

If you give into temptation Julie, you'll know where to find us.

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Nice one Brakes. Cambridge is closer to me than Sheffield but again its all to do with having somewhere to stop over.

..and Michelle, you should try and come along to the Sheffield gig. Maybe abit far outta the way but it'd be an ace night.

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6th April - BCN.

He came here like 2 years ago and I didnt attend it I don't know why:(

I checked a website with all the hip-hop shows that take place in Spain, and only the Sevilla one is advertised: "DJ Jazzy Jeff+Mad Skillz" April 11th. But nothing about Barcelona :S

Do you know something about it Hero?


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