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Tell Me Why In The UK Chart

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Not yet, buts its a possibility!

This idea came from uclan after the UK chart rules changed. They are that now an album track can now make the UK top 40 if legally downloaded enough. Brakes dropping Wannabe on I-Tunes refreshed thw idea in my head. Its not too later for Tell Me Why yet.

Basically all we need to do is specify a week to promote the idea and start downloading, realistically we need about 1000 downloads to make the top 40. And who knows, even if it fails, it may reach at least a few more people. The succes of the videos on YouTube show people are liking the track and the message it brings.

I dont know if people from different conutries can influence the UK chart, maybe if you change the country details in a profile or something. I dunno. But certainly everyone in the UK who use I-Tunes can download it and help the cause.

Whose down for this?

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i really cant see us being able to do it, r u sure u only need about 1000 to get it in the chart. Even then we have to get 1000 people to pay 79p, and these are people who dont have lost and found, so they will be none fans. Sorry to be negative but we've tried things like this before. remmember getting switch in to the TRL chart, that didnt happen.

If everyone is up for it i'll join in but i have very little hope.

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we did try, well, before the uk chart changed. Thats where jonnys tell me why video came from. he and a few others made videos, i posted the live performance of it on youtube and we visited forums and promoted, only the problem with that is it we start to annoy people and it does more harm than good. And websites such as all hip hop, we couldnt post on those bcoz no1 had a proper account.

You can have a go but i dont know how u can go about doing it.

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It doesnt have to be right away, we just need to specify a week to do it in.

1000 downloads is realistic to get into the top 40, it wouldnt be high, but it should get mid 30ish. It just depends on any other activity within the week,

Like I've been saying, its worth a try.

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i was always lead to believe its closer to 3000 sales to get into the top 40 on average now.

You gotta think its only people based in the UK whose downloads count aswell, and i just really don't think there's that many people who havent already got Lost and Found who would be willing to download it.

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