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So i was watching yesterdays episode of BET's 106 + Park. Romeo (aka Lil' Romeo) waz on the show, and his father, Master P came out during the last half of the interview. Before they wrapped it up, Master P yelled this out..."Hip-Hop is going to the next level, i'm doing a new movie. Me and Romeo are doing a movie with Will Smith and his son." The audince got loud and applauded as they went 2 a commerical. One of the hosts said "That's what's up."

Now i have no idea what the movie could be about. But even tho' i think Master P and the whole No Limit family made some of the worst rap music ever (and piggybacked the wack Dirty South movement), i actually think this could be a hilarous idea. Think about the 'odd couple factor. One legendary old school emcee with a 90's famed southern rapper who had alot of phoney hardcore hits doing a movie with their sons, showing the growth and age of Hip-Hop and Rap.

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Yeah, very weird. Master P's whole No Limit music and movies thing is kinda washed up. I can't remember them having a legit hit in years. Same with the movies. So it makes me wonder if it's big budget and if so, why they would want Master P...or if it's low budget, and if so, what makes FP wanna be a part of it (the script?). It just seems very random.

The way he announced it seemed like it just recently happened. Since he didn't provide info, he himself probably doesn't have much info. I think Master P is pretty wack, but i'm not against the movie as long as it's good...and in fact he has acting skillz. I just pray 2 God they don't do a song 2gether...ha ha.

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