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AJ.... I'm bout ready 4 a real nice smooth cd, and the only one who can make that happen 4 me is you ... haha ok back on topic..


Tim hooked me up with this joint... i can listen to it for awhile, but then i can't burn it to disc 2 listen in the car...



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Yeah, new Usher album slated for October...can't wait.

LEFT EYE feat. BLAQUE - Head To The Sky

Supernova (2001)

"now as we step into the light and grab the mic

let's try to know the difference between wrong and right

you know, they listenin' to everything we recite

but is it glistenin' that makes it alright

we shortys on the blocks with loaded glocks

believe it or not we raised the last generation thru' Hip-Hop

can't forget about Playstation and it don't stop

what's wrong with the nation, it's flip flopped

but can turn it all around starting with the sound

spread love from rock and roll to the underground

we gotta take control of our mind, body, and soul

never fold, never fold, NEVER FOLD

then let the truth be told, let it go

let it show, open your mouth, then let it flow

into the depths of the blackest hole

we can find rainbows and a pot of gold"

This song waz relivant back then...but even more so now. They need to rework the album and finally release it in the US!!

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JASON FOX - Aunt Jackie


I heard this song a few weeks ago and loved it. I just saw the video. If this song represents how this guy's album is gonna be, i'm hyped. Video reminds me of late 80's and 90's videos.

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Masta Ace - Block Episode (feat. Punchline & Wordsworth)

Disposable Arts (2001)

gettin' myself a little bit hyped cause I'm going to see Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth and Stricklin on Saturday when they're presenting their group eMC .. can't wait!!

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USHER - Pop Ya Collar

Pop Ya Collar Promo (2000)

Man, i really wish the other trax that were intended 4 this album came out. 8701 waz so good. I'd love 2 hear the stuff done right before it waz reworked in2 that album.

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