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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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1 Da Brakes vs 6 Luigie


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Use any beat to your liking

1 minute Time Limit for your verse

You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio.

Coin Toss determines that Luigie the lower seed (the larger number) goes first for this matchup.

Luigie (submit your verse by January 29th)

Good luck to both Contestants


2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket

1 Da Brakes

6 Luigie


3 SilverTiger

4 J-o-e



2 Da Ace

5 Fresh-Ta-Def


7 Lerkot (receives a bye, waiting for the winner of 'Da Ace/Fresh-Ta-Def' matchup)


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Now you listenin dope lyrics over dope beats,

Yes, Thats the description of my critical hit,

And the target is...yes you da brakes,

My path over your ashes will be paced,

To reach glory, to reach victory,

The happy endin of this one, my story,

Yo! You feel like quitting, its ok then quit,

There are many ways you can talk to the people besides yo spit,

I’ll make you understand why I deserve a chance,

And why im gonna steal absolutely all your fans,

Your time in this audio battle is up,

You’ll stay unsigned while I grow and come up,

So in a simple way ill say it, cant beat me up,

Cant wipe it out, L-Emcee’s stronger period,

Can’t get the message, want another clue?,

Ok here goes one, hip-hop wasn’t made for you...

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