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Mos def true magic review


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i just wrote a page review for this cd, track by track a with a summary for each song and a review of the beat and lyrics for each track......then i pressed "back" by accident and its all lost so im upset.

Mos def- Tru3 Magic


Its a blend of new danger and black on both sides...with more black on both sides then new danger... black on both sides was a clean cut hip hop classic. new danger was a grainy rap,soul,metal album...im not saying i dont like it (in fact i listen to it more than black on both sides).

True magic is like a grainy black on both sides... hip hop with a little edge to it. with an awesome opening track and featuring the song "Katrina Clap" under a differnt name (Dollar Day). It has its soul songs like "Umi Says" or "Climb" but they arent as clean...

Im just doing a summary cause im so discouraged hahaha


-Tru3 Magic

-Dollar Day

-Thug is a Drug

-There is a Way

-Fake Bonanza


---There is no book, no inserts, no back cover, no picture under the disc.. it is literally a blank cd case with a PA sticker on the front and an anti piracy label on the back...it looks like a mixtape or bootleg...but i bought it at target so its not.....and its made with "softer" plastic.

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This album waz advertised 2 drop 2 weeks ago. I went out 2 get it at the sale price and couldnt find it. I didn't know that it actually came out, i thought it got bumped back. Now i gotta go out looking 4 it again. Mos Def is the truth.

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Hey good news guys. It turns out that the album that was released previously was more of an advance than anything and the actual album will be an improved version!

Posted: 01/08/2007 by: HHNLive.com


Now you see it, now you don't. At least that's what Geffen Records is hoping will happen with Mos Def's latest album, Tru3 Magic, which was unceremoniously released by the label December 29.

Although the album is available for purchase online and at retail outlets, representatives for Geffen are calling the project a limited-edition "pre-release" rather than a full-scale effort by the rapper. Responding to whether the album officially came out, a Geffen publicist told MTV News, "It did and it didn't."

According to the label, after the rapper's music began leaking online in early December, a decision was made to push the project forward and send it to stores to combat Internet piracy. Some copies of the LP were in stores as early as December 19. At press time, representatives for Mos Def had not responded to MTV News' request for comment.

The oddly timed original release date — on a Friday as opposed to the traditional Tuesday between Christmas and New Year's Day — is typically reserved for box sets and reissues. Sources close to Mos Def claim the rapper also wanted to move forward with the release of Tru3, his last contractual obligation to Geffen under his current deal, according to a label rep.

But after both parties realized little time would be available to properly promote the LP, Mos and the label came to the joint decision to push the project back. At the time of the decision, the packaged CD was already sent off to distributors and shipped to stores. Geffen responded by attempting to recall the album, but once retail outlets receive copies, the decision to send units back is increasingly difficult, if not altogether impossible, as it's up to the discretion of each store.

Now a springtime release featuring a slightly altered track list and full artwork (the original packaging of Tru3 only featured the CD in a blank plastic case) will be set even though the project officially charted last week.

The rushed version of the album debuted at #151 on the Billboard top 200 and has sold 11,004 copies to date, according to SoundScan. The single "Undeniable" also received a Grammy nod in the Best Rap Solo Performance category. By adjusting the track list, the album will be able to officially debut again later in the year once it's released a second time, explained a retail representative for Billboard magazine.

So fans who manage to get their hands an early copy of Tru3 Magic, consider yourself the owner of a collector's item.


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Well, if he's still working on the album and if the tracklisting and finished versions of the trax are gonna be different, i gotta get it. Mos Def is one of Hip-Hop's only real talents that gets any commercial attention these days...i can't pass up on that.

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now i have to get it again hahahaha

which i will, cause having no inserts was a letdown, plus i noticed some tracks werent on the cd i have which were supposed to be. so they will probaly be on the new one

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