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Will Smith Gaurenteed OSCAR Nod?


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how do you figure that? if i won an oscar i would try to do more with movies to make me even better.

what did he do after the ali nomination....cause even though lost, we could map the results in similarity

but they are filming i am legend...so thats that

and they are in pre production on tonight he comes, meaning they are in the stages beofre filming like figureing shots and whatnot

then there is another movie announced "time share" so thats gonna take a while for pre prod, prod, and post production...so i dont see music for a couple years

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Nomination for sure ... but it will be tough to beat that Forest Whitaker guy.

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How many women are on the Academy Awards panel... That will determine a lot. Guys will like Forest, women will like Will.

To answer your question, every actor/actress who's been nominated for an Oscar award has a ballot. I believe certain critics are given ballots as well.

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