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  1. thats great Tim thats a big accomplisment, its hard to really get a forum going man! and to actually have people posting and arguing about topics on a forum is an accomplishment I.E. if you look at the WS board that aint a "forum" thats more of an ugly "chat"

  2. i'm doin' an album of mixes...but i won't post it here, because it's reggaeton, i dont like that genre but if i wanna gain fame i think here in peru i have to do wat ppl like..my heart says to me "Hip-Hop" but my mind says "reggaeton, wit that u'll be famous"..i really dont know if i should continue wit this album or re-start it but wit hip-hop. :shrug:

    well man my friend once said to me that "what you head says is the devil speaking, what your heart says is what you belive and what god has chosen for you" iono its your choice to fallow that or not but iono man

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