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  1. yoh thanks cookie im a very stubborn person an i usta hustle alot when i was younger untill everything went down the drain... thats why i have grown into sort of a couch patoe and i haven't given a shyt about my life at all.... what you just said made a lot of sence.... because right now im suffering from PTSD and am on some pills for it and everything its made me think of myself from a low perspective..... and your right i should think highly of myself and do what ever i can to reach my goals... thanks you soo much...!! thats actually the best thing i've heard from anyone... my scyatress's and family counciler, usually say things will egt better and stuff... but girl.... you should be a damn scyatresss thanks sooo much for the advice... and your right i was making excuses, i just couldn't realize it... this board is family man imma be stickin round here for a long time... thanks Cookie i needed that no doubt i wud give ya a hug right now but ya all the way over in Atown

  2. thats good that everything worked out fine you know it could have gotten really bad... im glad your dads ok, i bet its a really scary situation aswell because my dad has an aortic anurizm and he can't put to muh stress on himself atall because it can make his anurizm blow and he would die instantly, and one day he had to push our car back home after it broke down and he almost passed, you know its hard to think about what could have happened... the doctors told him he cant lift over 20lbs but anyways nuff bout that im glad everythings alright girl! :1-say-yes: :1-say-yes:

  3. 3 things

    1. its not a rap

    2. barly anything rhymes

    3. its not a freestyle

    ok well you relly need to work man no offence but thats ugly... i had to smack myself on the head to read the whole thing... keep working at it... thats more of a poem it aint close to a rap. and just to clarify a "freestyle" is off the top and theres no way a "freestyle" can be "unfinished" like your title says.... keep working... or stop all in all..

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