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  1. this is my own review since the ones in mags are def. stupid at most.Its pretty long but very good read. Tell me what u think??

    Will Smith a man wit great potential. From his days with Dj Jazzy Jeff, to his movie debute for "hitch" Smith has always had a way with crowds.Rhyming since 12 its no wonder how much a man can grow overtime. With his new flow, new voice, and new style smith shows on his new album its no wonder why they call him the fresh prince. Lost & Found is a mark of respectable hiphop in 2005. It represents a struggle in which a man who has been here since the start has gone through. The Fresh Prince has done a good job on this album, and put in a good effort. Production wise the album is very much hiphop from the spiderman theme instrumental to the story telling beat playin under wills voice in loretta, the production is well done. Lyric wise the album is what the Prince would call dope, hooks/chorus's through out the album are catchy and origonal (check lost an found track #6) smiths verses are very well put togather an have lots of feelings, storys, multis, and intrupreted views fans of Will will come to love and learn like where the bathroom is in a new house after eating at mcdonalds an burger king while drinking so much they bladder is full, u can just imagine!

    Here he comes: Track 1

    The Beat is a fresh spiderman theme like instrumental well put togather with nice drums and horn use. Wills lyrics are very well written while mostly reminicing on his career and acomplishments through out his life, and how much he needs to get back to rapping he does a very well job. Everything is bang on, the vocals are very well done considering his use of the spiderman theme to place them to. He shows many styles in this song which are new but unique to the listener. At first the song is now a very good eye catcher but does the job of starting the album well, serving its place as track number 1 on the album. 6.5/10

    Party Starter: Track 2

    Lyrics are Dope at best has very good rhyme scheme you can really tell his improvment over the years, hey... hes still got it!!

    He was raised in the days when the roof was raised

    Every rap occasion, new & amazing

    The back of the stage amazed and gazin'

    Prayin for the day they would one day praise him

    Studied the ways of the game & made it

    Came through the maze & the haze & played it

    As you can tell lil~Wille has all gorwn up something "parents just don't understand" am i right? With the beat on this song being a party/club type beat it really sets the mood in the track. Smiths hook is very well done, verses are well put togather which maked this a very good single. 8/10

    Switch: Track 3

    Being a hiphop and Will Smith fan i have to say i have grown tired of this song. It was good while it lasted but i feel not enough effort was put to make this track possible. Hook is not something to really be pround of. Intro is very whack "i herd he got that hot new thing." While seperating from his usuall style will doesn't put enough party lyrics into this track. Beat really makes this song if the beat wasn't supporting this song it would have really fallen in the clubs. Not a good choice for a first single, but still puts an impression on the listener. Song is very good first time round, but after a while gets kinda repitave. 5.5/10

    Mr. Niceguy: Track 4

    With a nice beat, ok hook, tight lyrics and Nate on the hook you can't go wrong. Wills lyricism in this track is very well pointed out. While mostly taking shots at haters throught out the track with less then good punchlines, which are kinda corney but easily understood (I.E. the humpty dumpty sat on a wall remix punchline). Beat is very origonal with the Electri guitar(i think) stings being pulled in the background it is very catchy. Will pulls some soft hits out his pockets at Wendy Williams, Eminem, Radio exceutives etc. Overall a well put togather track.7/10

    Mr. Holy Roller: Track 5

    With this track being based on God, it is definitaly no "jesus walks" but it is "Mr. holy roller". with the beat being tight story telling beat an the storys comign out of wills mout the song has a nice spot on teh album. 7/10

    Lost And Found: Track 6

    In my personal opnion this song caught me off guard the most Will does a tight, sick, amazing, crazy, well done job on this song. Explaining the state of hiphop currently, he is very well protrayed. "Its like a curcise with a bunch of clowns" such a very good reference an multi used here. Hook is very catchy and well done, erses are all onpoint.

    "Why should I try to sound like ya'll sound

    That's what's wrong with the rap game right now

    Man, it's like a circus wit a bunch of clowns

    Wit a bunch of clicks I'll probably rap circles around"

    I would easily give this song a 10 out of 10 but seeing as nothing is perfect. 9.9/10

    Tell Me Why: Track 7

    Will opens up gives up taste of feeling an mood in this eye opener. Featuring Mary J. on the hook this song is very good. Will does an amazing job of telling this story of the events of 9/11. Telling us through his/his sons eyes. Beat is on point aswell. 8.5/10

    I Wish i would have make that/Swagga: Track 8

    (i wish i would have made that) God-damn.... i wish i woulda made that haha. song is very well done sick hook.

    Get that

    I wish I would of made that

    Lean back

    I wish I would of made that

    I wish I woulda told the girls to 'drop it like it hot'

    Summer, Summer, Summertime

    Seem like all I got

    Song is catchy. With Swagga being less of a eye catcher it does make a good addition, as a club track. 8/10-I Wish... 7/10-swagga....

    Pump Ya Brakes: Track 9

    With snoop featured will does a good job holding his own on this head nodder. Beat being very well produced and having a good feeling to it. Snoop does a good job on the hook. 8/10

    If Ya Cant Dance: Track 10

    If you cant stand this song, its your dad baby, its you chance to die, dats alright just die... haha this song is hot if u dont like something is wrong. I think hes thinking back to Carltons little dances on fresh prince of belair on this one ;-) will did a good job no doubt very nice song. this should be a single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but what do i know right...? 8.5/10

    Could you love me: Track 11

    Good track catchy basically saying could u love me if i wasnt famous will breaks it down on this one. Beat is hip and fresh. 7/10

    Loretta: Track 12

    With the story telling beat and am i mistaken or is it Nate on another hook? Oh well Will does a good job telling this true story of a girl over-obsessed with her "hero/Lover" in this story of a girl trying to get a letter to Will. 7/10

    Wave em off: Track 13

    I said stop, get out, I don't need this hate around me

    All your negativity might drown me I just try to go hard, doing my job

    Stop, get out - the whole world loves me cause I do what I do

    & I don't like the energy coming from you Trying to play me soft, wave em off

    Damn will has some nice party tracks on this track. This is a throw ya hands in the air track> would have made a good single too. Better then Switch. 8/10

    Scary Story: Track 14

    With Will telling the story of him comign up in teh rap game he does a good job giving every detail with little detail to fit it in, if ya know what i mean. He does a good job staying on beat to this nighttime story to his son. 7/10

    Swtich R&B Remix: Track 15

    A Remix to the first single althought its a bit better then the origional making me actually like thsi track. A good beat for this too. nice RnB mix in this Robin Thicke did a good job with the hook. Wills lyrics still stand not as good of effort put in. Compared to his other tracks this is a needle in a haystack but it is well put togather. 7/10.

    ...Well to rap it up This album could have used a bit more work but its better then Mr. Nice guy's hater Eminen's album and 50's album in my opnion, in origionality and hits. When it comes to getting the Party Started Will Smiths the man to call. While most Magaziens hate on Wills Suscess through his career he sits back with a couple mill in his lap and laughs. Even with not getting credit he deserves for being a vet in the game he still holds his own. Big ups to will Smith for making another Big willie album.

    Overall Score: 8/10

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