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  1. I dont know if any of you has seen this show....but its weird as hell. The thing that supprises me is all of the cameos from celebrities. I watched some episodes last night and i saw:

    Black Eyed Peas

    Snoop Dogg

    Ying Yang Twins

    Fat Joe (new episode)

    Its kinda weird considereing the kid could past for mentally retatrted, and all these hip hop stars go on it. but i noticed in the credits that one of the main producers is Jimmy Kimmel. If you dont know who that is, its the guy that was on the old version of the man show, and of course hes on Jimmel Kimmel Live. I was thinking he had connections. I was just thinking of something else, maybe hes the man show boy all grow up!

    enough said shows dumb

  2. yoh we could talk about like the state of hiphop and get each of our opnions and have like interviews i could do it i interview people all the time for my One Wing Productions setup


    Ii got skype i'm Fresh-Ta-Def lol :2thumbs:

  3. post who you think makes Real Hiphop thats in the game right now..

    mine are

    1.Will smith of course

    2. Royce5'9 only when hes not raping bout guns and stuff check the album (Death Is Certain)


    4. Kayne-Sometimes

    can't really think of any others right now

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