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  1. If I had that kind of money then here's my dream movie:

    *Jim Carrey and Will Smith in a comedy.

    *Keanu Reeves and Mark Dacascos in an action movie, where Keanu is the bad guy.

    *The Rock and Bret Hart in a big budget blockbuster movie where 'The Great One' is the hero and 'The Hitman' is the bad guy.

    *A new Batman movie with Michael Keaton playing Batman again.

    *An NC-17 rated adult movie with me playing the lead role and Rebecca Romijn, Jaime Pressley, Natasha Henstridge, Brooke Burns, Milla Jovovich, Angie Everhart and Krista Allen playing the actors' leading ladies with lots of explicit love scenes in the movie.


    *Will Smith and The Game

    *Michael Jackson and Will Smith

    *Michael Jackson and George Michael

    *Limp Bizkit and Vanilla Ice

    *50 Cent and Will Smith

    *JJFP and The Beastie Boys

    *Me with ICP


    A new extreme wrestling organisation to kick Sonic's lame wrestling show. Just kidding. :lolsign:

    haha man thats jokes nice once there this is kinda fun why would you have jjfp and the bestie boys>?

    EDIT: common noone else has a dream

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