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  1. An unidentified New Jersey woman has told The Sun that she's been involved in a hot and passionate love affair with Jada Pinkett Smith for 3 years now. The unnamed 36yo woman claims that she and Jada have been meeting up in several secret locations all over the country. Jada is married to Will Smith, but the woman claims Jada is all lesbian! She said: "Jada is a very passionate and caring woman. I believe she's with Will for the children and for her career. She loves her lifestyle and if she came out as a lesbian, it would be all over for her. Her children would be gone and her career. I love Jada more than anything and want to be with her." The woman is currently unemployed, but met Jada while she was working for a top record producer. The woman said she came forward, because Jada must face the truth: "It's time Jada come clean. It's 2006 and I know how bad she wants to be honest to the world and stop lying! I am hoping me coming out will inspire her to do the same." A spokesperson for Jada would not comment on her client's personal life
  2. Will and Jada attended a Special screening of ATL in New York on March 27 I've added some pictures to my site http://www.willsmithzone.com - there are more on gettyimages.com
  3. It is with great sadness that we report that singer, songwriter, arranger, musician and producer Lynden David Hall sadly passed away yesterday after battling a rare form of cancer. Lynden, aged 31and originally from Wandsworth, South London, won the 1998 MOBO (Music of Black Origin) for "Best Newcomer". In 1999, he was the first U.K. artist ever voted "Best Male Artist" by the readers of Britain's Blues & Soul magazine. His debut album, "Medicine For My Pain", and singles, "Do I Qualify" and "Sexy Cinderella", had an instant appeal to soul fans in the U.K. - and elsewhere in the soul societies of Europe - but it wasn't until it got a remix treatment that this, then 23-year old, South Londoner got his major breakthrough. In 2005 Lynden released his third studio album "In Between Jobs" on the independent label Random Records. For the last 2 years Lynden David Hall has been battling a rare form of cancer. He was suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease. It is a form of cancer that mainly affects young people in their 20’s and around 1400 people are diagnosed in then UK every year. It is a disease of the Lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system is a complex system of lymph organs (such as tonsils and bone marrow) and lymph nodes connected by a network of lymphatic vessels. :( He's one my fav artists. his last studio album - amazing album. more info Soul singer Lynden David Hall has died after battling cancer for two years. The south London-born singer - who won the 1998 Mobo best newcomer award - had been suffering from the rare cancer Hodgkin's Lymphoma and died on Tuesday. Discovered by the manager of UK group Loose Ends, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter released his debut album Medicine 4 My Pain in 1998. Hall's third studio album In Between Jobs was released on the independent label Random Records last year. 'Sad day' BBC Radio 1 DJ Trevor Nelson, who signed Hall to Cooltempo Records in 1996, said his death was a "tragic loss". "It's the loss of a great talent unfulfilled. At the time, in my capacity as an A&R man, he was one of the biggest talents of his time, and ahead of his time in many ways," he said. "He was a very unassuming guy, very quiet and introverted, not your typical wannabe pop star. "It's a sad day for British black music, but knowing Lynden as I do, I hope the attention that this brings him will make people go and re-visit his music." DJ Trevor Nelson described Hall as an "unassuming guy" Saxophonist Courtney Pine, who toured and recorded with Hall, told the BBC News website: "I was very sorry to hear that we have lost yet another talented UK musician. "I'm sure fans and musicians will miss his great voice and musical ability." 'Cool, sweet guy' BBC 1Xtra DJ Ronnie Herel also paid tribute to Hall. He said: "My heart sunk when I heard that Lynden passed away, my heart goes out to his family and friends at this time. "Medicine 4 My Pain was a landmark album for UK black music. It wasn't for the glory but simply for the music, to meet him you wouldn't know that he was pure genius. "I knew Lynden quite well at the time he put out his debut album out, he was a cool, sweet guy who lived for his music and that's how I'm going to remember him." Hall's biggest hit single Sexy Cinderella reached number 17 in the UK charts in 1998, and he was nominated for best British male at the Brit Awards the following year. More recently Hall appeared in the film Love Actually as a wedding singer, performing All You Need Is Love. In November, stars including Pine, Beverley Knight, Roachford, Shola Ama and Ms Dynamite headlined The Lynden's Wish concert at London's Jazz Cafe to raise money for cancer charities.
  4. ...to say hows ya momma and them .... doesn't make any sense ...
  5. why would he say "How ya momma and them"?
  6. it really sounds like he says M&M ... I think it's a cheap shot :stickpoke:
  7. Mr Nice Guy http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/Lyrics...mr-nice-guy.htm HE’S A NICE GUY how ya doin HE’S A NICE GUY Good to see you HE’S A NICE GUY How ya momma and them Doesnt he say "How ya momma eminem" ?
  8. i never said it wasn't deep, I said it was boring- 3cookies, I love R&B and Soul Music ... my fav artists are Erykah Badu, Nate James, Beverley Knight, Lynden David Hall, Amel Larrieux, John Legend, Terri Walker, Faith Evans, Mary J Blige, Tweet, Anthony Hamilton and many more. It's a shame that people call Lil Kim wack just because she's a woman, dresses sometimes tacky, and has had terrible plastic surgery. Kim has released some of the best hip hop tracks of all time. Obviously you can't like every song she releases as she tries to please all her fans.
  9. I don't know if this movie will ever be made ... I've heard Halle has been looking at scripts. I don't think it would flop, a film starring halle and will could only be a box office smash
  10. wow amazing video ... I hope Will sees it. ps. I would also create a video only in the brown tone.
  11. I really don't like it , very boring song. Ive heard a few tracks from the album and they all sound like generic R&B trash.
  12. Will has yet to star in an epic film ... wouldn't be great if he played Akhenaten in Halle Berry's new film "Nefertiti" ?! it would be kinda cool if he played the man who may have created GOD.
  13. THANK YOU :yeah: have you seen the shoot she did for king 1 or 2 years ago?
  14. an e-mail i got: "Hi! I am very excited to announce that my latest book, Romancing The Stars, has just been released and Will Smith, who has his own chapter, is one of the more than fifty featured celebrities. This book would make a great Valentines Day gift for either a man or a woman because it delves into romance with celebrity-inspired, thought-provoking and comedic content that redefines romance as we know it. I grab readers by the hearts and the funny bones and push them in the direction of better relationships by encouraging everyone to express their loving emotions...not just feel them. All relationships are difficult at times, but when you become a true romantic in word and deed, your life and loves will certainly be more satisfying and exciting. Will and other celebrities have a great deal to teach the world and one of the most important lessons we can all learn is how to harness the power of great romance and relationships. If you would like to see what other stars are featured in Romancing The Stars or read an excerpt from the book, please visit my website at www.ayselarwen.com Did I mention there was also some great original artwork of Will Smith? Wishing you great winter romance, Aysel Arwen" http://www.ayselarwen.com/ex-romancing.cfm
  15. it's not the most radio friendly track on the album.
  16. it's funny that it came out looking so weird coz it's actually none other than Brad Pitt, who isn't known to be ugly. I made another one ... guess who the eyes, nose, and mouth belongs to:
  17. The beat sounds so cheap ... its very poppy ... Ï don't think it fits the tone of the song at all.
  18. guess who the eyes, mouth and nose belongs to
  19. If he ever releases it ... I really hope does a remix with a new beat. also, the song has been posted on maryluvs.com, the biggest mary forum, and most of them didn't like it.
  20. Jan 22 2006 17th Annual Producers Guild Awards With his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, missing in action, Will Smith attended the ceremony with his former Fresh Prince of Bel Air costar Alfonso Ribeiro. "My wife's out of town, so Alfonso's the date," Smith joked on the red carpet. "He wouldn't wear the dress I picked out." more pics http://www.willsmithzone.com
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