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  1. I remember watching this on YouTube and thinking how good it was (and still is). Both the mega and rapid links are down :(
  2. 100%-my favorite song is Tell Me Why. It's so different from all of the other songs. It shows great emotion and its not a typical rap piece like you're used to hearing today.
  3. Awesome video! Great job. By any chance can you please reupload the video on rapidshare or megaupload. I love the video and I really want to keep it. The rapidshare link in the first post is dead.
  4. I have two favorite episodes. My first one is from season one (dont know the name). It's the one where Will and Carlton get arrested for driving someone's car to their mansion cause they took a helicopter. I love how the other person in jail with them sings Let My People Go My other favorite episode is from season four. It's the one where Will's father came back. The ending of the episode was very dramatic. It showed how good of an actor Will Smith is. He's great in comedy as well as drama. I think he really showed true emotion in this episode.
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