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  1. so fancy doing me all the remixes and bsides and ill pay you!!! lol i need all the JJPF rare stuff!!!!!!! get back to me cheers
  2. i didnt knwo what part to post this on, but i thought i would on any one cos its interesting!!! you know,,, lupe fiasco - make sure has the backing track, of A touch of jazz !!!! crazy, download it and listen!!!!!
  3. hiya guys i need help! where are ppl meeting up in london on the 18th and we will be alowed to see the film, or even them perform live??? i really need some help, i cant wait to go!! cheers peeps!!!
  4. just finished a podcast, and tim mentioned how the early reviews of hancock say its going to be like i am legend, a gd start but a crapy ending, however sony are promoting the film as a funny film, and with funny superhero films coming out, liek superhero movie, how wil it fair up wen only the first half is funny... oh well, will smiths films are always gd and he always pulls a gd one out the hat . lets just hope hes not too old to do bad boys 3. !!!!! fingers crossed, just my opinion, what you think???
  5. hi on the subject of videos i found this torrent of the alternate ending to I AM LEGEND! im downloading it now! so quick get it, here is the link, http://www.mininova.org/tor/1214430 and bit torrent, or lime wire , will do to down load a torrent on windows comps, or Bit Rocket , for a mac, couldn't believe i found this!! thanks , james
  6. songs, i have never hurd them do shadow dreams live!! or my fav track, jazzys groove, or jeff was on the beat box, it would be kool if they could do these!!, however its gonna be just the normal, and it would be wkd if they could throw in a new track, or some un hurd ones jeff must have kept from the public eye!! what ever goes , but they should have it on dvd by end of the year!! lol, hope so anyways! and it would be kool if they did the megamix!! anyways have a nice day to all reading and peace out !
  7. can't wait! and hope he comes to Birmingham like smith did for Hitch!!!! fingers crossed!!!
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