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  1. Today's society is only happy with Rap music that contains violence and gun talk. A freestyle really would be perfect, but unfortunately their "reputation" can only take talk about killing their enemies. Sad.

    Look over the BDP vs. Juice Crew beef, or the Kool Moe D and LL beef. They didn't need violence.

    God, society's perception of music is pathetic nowadays. :chuks:

  2. VMAs are useless, and I guarantee 50 Cent will sweep along with Game.


    L&F will be nominated for Rap Album of the Year, against tough competition with Common and Kanye. I think he'll win though.

    Switch will probably be nominated for Rap Song of the Year and will possibly win. I don't see competition yet.

    Tell Me Why for Record of the Year. I see no competition as of yet.

  3. The only thing that sounds shady is that part of it sounds like she's discribing a music video and not an experience. When it comes 2 performance videos, where an artists is basically taping a live performance, they shoot the performance over and over and over again. There's no way u can get all the angles and close ups shot in 1 performance.

    I thought about that too, but I came to the conclusion that it's possible that they could've shown them, the people who helped in the video, the finished video after it was done.

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