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  1. Let Jigga hear "Lost and Found" and then let him say that Will's not as "reality-based" as him. I think Jay-Z has a lot of love for Will, but I think he was a little bitter that Will sold more than him.

    Anyway that article was done over 7 years ago so I'm sure Jay probably changed his views.

  2. Great news! Let's look at the rest of the chart...

    Alicia Key's "Karma" is falling fast, so expect "Switch" to surpass that next week. "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson is also falling fast, but it still has 1300 on "Switch". It could pass it in the next couple of weeks, at the rate it's goin' so far.

    Also, looks like Will's gonna be increasin' pretty steadily on every chart! Great news.

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