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  1. I compare them by albums.

    Fresh Prince Classics: He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper and Homebase

    Fresh Prince Good Albums: Code Red and Rock the House

    Fresh Prince Mediocre Albums: And in This Corner...

    Will Smith Classics: Big Willie Style and Lost & Found

    Will Smith Good Albums: Willenium

    Will Smith Mediocre Albums: Born to Reign

    To me they're equal.

  2. What the hell's wrong with this list? 50, who mumbles like a freakin caveman has gone damn near 4x Platinum; Game, who I do have respect for but is nowhere near the level of Big Will; Mike Jones, who repeats the same exact line over and over again in EACH one of his songs, has outsold Will?!?

    Here's my views on upcoming album sales:

    Nas: Will go Gold if not Plat all depending on the success of the single

    Mos Def: Might go gold but won't go Plat

    BEP: They're goin MultiPlat BUT they aren't Hip Hop, they're sellouts who needed a white girl to boost album sales

    Public Enemy: Doubtful to even cross 200k

    Kanye: Will go MultiPlat pretty expectedly

    DMX: I don't know, his single is doing NOTHING and his album is coming out in like 2 weeks with NO promotion. Man, he could be screwed.

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