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  1. 50 Cent has a good number of singles out and he's doing real well with his CD.

    The Game has a good number of singles out and he's doing real well with his CD.

    Now why shouldn't Will put out another single? Putting out another great single will only help his sales.

    By the way, you people do make some great points on both sides of the argument.

  2. ^^^I agree, I thought that part was tight. To each his own, I guess.

    Here's my Amazon review:

    1. Here He Comes (3.5/5) - A real hot verse and tight production by Will's main man Jazzy Jeff is somewhat ruined by the corny hook. Still a good song.

    2. Party Starter (5/5) - Hot beat. Hot verses. Hot song. One of the best party songs out there right now.

    3. Switch (5/5) - Big Will chose his first single to be the club hoppin' "Switch," and he was in his right mind when he chose that. Great song.

    4. Mr. Niceguy (4.5/5) - Even though Will can't curse, he could still drop a nice quasi-diss song. And can anyone really top Will's flow in this song?

    5. Ms. Holy Roller (2/5) - The only song on the whole CD I skip over. The beat gives me a headache and the hook is bad.

    6. Lost and Found (5/5) - Best Will Smith song ever. He puts an outstanding amount of heart in these deep, scathing lyrics and, damn that beat is fire.

    7. Tell Me Why (5/5) - Easily the 2nd best song on the CD. Accompanied by the talented Mary J. Blige, Will just can't fail with this deep, serious song. If this isn't the 2nd single, Will must be crazy.

    8. I Wish I Made That/Swagga (5/5) - As tired as it is with Will's lyrics about the media, he spits nothing but truth in these songs. "Black radio, won't play me though..." Definitely one of the best songs on the CD.

    9. Pump Ya Brakes (4/5) - With Snoop Dogg covering the hook and the beat sounding an awful lot like "Vibrate" from Petey Pablo, this song can't go wrong. The only bad part is Snoop's verse.

    10. If U Can't Dance (4.5/5) - Will comes back with another party song, and he's still going strong. His verses are good, flow is tight, and the hook is great.

    11. Could U Love Me (4/5) - Solid lyrics, and one of the tightest beats on the CD.

    12. Loretta (4.5/5) - Well...I wanted a Will song story and this is what I got. I got more than I expected in this great song, even if the tone is outstandingly dark.

    13. Wave Em Off (3.5/5) - It's another song for the haters. And by now, these songs are getting lyrically tiring. But Will finds a way in his verses to make it likeable. And the hot beat doesn't hurt.

    14. Scary Story (2.5/5) - A decent track, but the lyrics and his flow just don't match here for some reason. The beat is pretty good though.

    15. Switch R&B Remix (4/5) - A much more mellow, laid back version of "Switch." It has almost an opposite feel of the original, and it's clearly good.

    16. Switch Reggae Remix (4.5/5) - An absolute dancehall song. You will like this song only if you liked the original it seems. And Elephant Man is...well...incoherent.

    OVERALL: 5/5 - A Will Smith classic. You just can't go wrong with this CD.

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