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  1. On MTV's defense, they gave Will his own half hour special for the release of "Lost and Found."

    However, MTV has a first ticket ride on top of 50 Cent's ****, and the rest of Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit for that matter. They adore them, and they're just following the trend their putting out. So you're gonna see a lot more 50 Cent/Eminem/Game specials than your are anything else.

  2. An Oscar is worth a LOT more than a grammy. It's a lot more common in the music industry for somebody to get a grammy then it is for somebody in Hollywood to get an Oscar.

    When people think of Will in movies, they think of Will in all of these action blockbusters (I Robot, Bad Boys, Independence Day). I'm sure Will is fine with that, but I'm also sure that he wouldn't mind being taken a little more seriously as an actor. If he wins an Oscar, that's what his acting career will be remembered as. The Pursuit of Hapiness is a movie Will needs for his movie career.

  3. ^^^True

    Here's how I would like to see it:

    "Tell Me Why" could be released now, and could hopefully last on the charts throughout the whole summer. Then, when August comes around, release "Party Starter." Let that reign on the charts and then release "Pump Ya Brakes" when PS starts to fall. I think if Will does that he'll surely find success.

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