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  1. Yes. Even though I wished it would've done more I gotta say yes.

    1. It sold 640,000+ copies in the US. How many rappers do that nowadays?

    2. It sold that much from WILL SMITH, a rapper who DOESN'T CURSE. Too many people blindly label him as a "Joke", yet he sells more than Tony Yayo, Cassidy, Slim Thug, Fat Joe, etc.

    3. He had a Top 10 single from the album.

    4. It proved that his music career still has life after Born to Reign.

    5. The most important point, it re-established his credibility for a lot of people. Will took a pretty big risk by speaking the truth about rap's current state, and hip hop fans have listened and agreed. People who were quick to diss Will before have opened their eyes about him.

    As much as I would've loved for L&F to hit platinum in the US, I'm proud of what he's accomplished.

  2. 199 KEYS*ALICIA DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS 5,447 8 5,058 4,287,245

    KEYS*ALICIA = obviously the name of the artist

    DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS = the name of the album

    5,447 = the number of albums sold this current week

    8 = sales have increased 8% from last week

    5,058 = the number of albums sold LAST week

    4,287,245 = the number of albums sold in total

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