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  1. that de la soul album is one of the more refreshing albums in recent years of music earth, wind, & fire "let's groove"
  2. so nobody here has listened to the album yet? that's the problem with the rap game now, people complain about how weak today's rappers are but they ignore when the legends are dropping classics...
  3. i just saw this big performance of "forever my lady" from jodeci on vh1's "dear mama" special:
  4. here's a poem i recorded for my mama over pac's dear mama instrumental!
  5. I cherish all of u special ladies out there, especially my mama, enjoy and have a special day!
  6. Kendrick who? Cole World who? Young Money who? The real king of hip hop is back KRS One at strong form again "The World Is Mind" brilliant piece of work, "Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven" damn near brought me to tears it was so heartfelt, at almost 52 being on top of his game brings hope to JJFP to drop another classic album as well, forget these new rappers the REAL HIP HOP IS OVER HERE FRESH 4 2017 SUCKAS!!!:
  7. if JJFP drop a new single there'd be a huge buzz for the tour...
  8. congrats kev on the wedding and that's dope to know that jeff gave us all a shout out and gave u a special message!
  9. i'm surprised nobody listed tracks off of lost and found like party starter, chosen one, pump ya brakes, tell me why, and comin to the stage but you know if JJFP do half these songs that we all mentioned it'll end up being one of the greatest shows in hip hop history!
  10. maybe will's been reading my posts haha, now i'm confidant there will be new JJFP tracks with a tour coming! *pops in willennium album....
  11. pinch me did christmas come early? JJFP are back!! it's been a tough year for me though so this news comes as something special, words can't describe how i feel right now, financially i don't think i could afford a trip overseas right now as much as i would like to see them, like Jim i hope they come to the east coast of the US and they do live stream of their concerts on youtube for those us who can't go in person...
  12. i don't really listen to the song that much anymore but out of all respects i don't really listen to too much current stuff anyway, most hip hop these days don't have much replay value no matter who it is, i listen to mostly classic hip hop from 10-30 years ago, at this point if the new tracks are not with jeff i probably wouldn't want to hear them anyway, and on the most part like tim and others have said his acting over the last 10 years hasn't been that memorable either, other than a bad boys sequel with a old school JJFP track on soundtrack there's not much i'm anticipating either on that end, will needs to give the real fans what they want: that classic JJFP hip hop music that delivered the first grammy in hip hop...
  13. i thought he has a studio at his house, is it really that much of a strain to interfere with his family life if he releases music online??!!
  14. From me and my fam to my extended family, the JJFP family i would like to send all my love and peace for a happy easter 2017, one love!
  15. i haven't heard the album yet but like i mentioned before besides game, ti, and ludacris he's one of the top rappers of the new millennium so for that reason i'll check for his new music but i'm not hyped over him like he's the GOAT like some of these kids on twitter are, i wish i could point them to listen to albums like Will's Lost and Found , JJFP Code Red, LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out and GOAT, and KRS Criminal Minded and Return Of The Boom Bap...
  16. thanks for letting us know tim, will check out!
  17. well the origin of this thread was my point that there's still quality music out these days, sure it might not be the golden era but hip hop is not dead, let's appreciate what we do have, and btw if the legends got the support they deserve of their recent releases hip hop would be in better shape as well
  18. i'm waiting on some of the old JJFP heads like Tim, AJ, Brakes, and Jim to still get in on discussion, btw I like Nelly's more recent stuff more than his earlier stuff which was popular but I thought some of the songs like " country grammar" got too much play, i know i go against the grain with some of my selections but this is my list and i'm gonna stick to it, looking forward to more discussion...
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