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  1. word, that question been on my mind for years...
  2. Jeff tweeted: "On a plane for a few hrs... anyone have any questions for me??? Like real questions...not like did it hurt when u got throw out the house " i asked "is there gonna be any mixtapes of unreleased JJFP songs in the near future?" jeff replied: " Not sure...I really need to dig that stuff up!"
  3. ...in honor of the 2017 JJFP tour I compiled a special playlist of JJFP + Big Will 1987-2017 tracks for my potnas also featuring tracks by JJFP potnas dayne jordan, kel spencer, skillz, da brakes, and yours truely enjoy!:
  4. since today's keith sweat's birthday and we're approaching the 30 year ann of make it last forever album here's a playlist i made in honor:
  5. not a lp fan but i digged a few of their tracks, my condolences:
  6. maybe we'll get a JJFP track or two..
  7. here's a few more, come on y'all don't be afraid to post some: Charlie Wilson 'There Goes My Baby', charlie shows love to snoop dogg and his wife in this vid: New Edition "This One's For Me & You", shows you that 35 years later we're all still wanting more from NE, timeless classic: DJ Premier feat. Rakim, Nas, and KRS One 'Classic', now this is a hip hop heads' wet dream, if Will was on it I'd die and go to heaven!
  8. with the news of wiz khalifa and charlie puth vid "when i see you again" being the top ranked youtube vid of all time i could think of a ton of vids including obviously JJFP "Summertime" and Will's "Just The Two Of Us" but to leave JJFP out of the equation to be more objective, what's everyone's fav vids of all time? i'm gonna start off with a few to get the topic going.. r kelly i wish, the perfect trib song for homies n fam that've been lost over the years, much more passionate than wiz: michael jackson thriller, the signature vid for the king of pop, nuff said: ll cool j feat boyz ii men hey lover, one of the most intimate hip hop/r&b songs but 2 of my fav artists ever, brings me memories of my crushes of the 90s, kinda sad that least known eminem songs have more views though:
  9. i tried playing it since last night and i keep getting a message saying it won't play due to copyright restrictions in US!!!
  10. hopefully will could rekindle that magic with some shows with jeff again...
  11. ...i think we'd all b more exicted if her father put out music today with jeff considering 2 of the greatest groups public enemy and tlc put out music today:
  12. word, i found out last night that public enemy is putting out a new album too for free, gonna check it, to me real mcs like krs and chuck will always be on top of hip hop with their powered voices
  13. along with snoop dogg fatman scoop was featured on one of my favorite songs on ll cool j's 2013 authentic cd called "we came to party", was gonna post it but noticed it's not on youtube for some reason...
  14. word mobb deep wasn't really my favorite group but they did put out some quality music that i respected but overall it's always sad to see a young brother pass away so early, keeping loved ones in my prayers and thoughts
  15. This father's day is a lil' bit emotional for me being the 1st one since my pops passed on but I'm holding strong with positive memories playing some of the songs that me and pops enjoyed including obviously JJFP, "Just The Two Of Us" is our main song, I also watched the movie "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" (featuring Martin Lawrence) today which me and my parents watched quite a bit of times over the few recent years before pops got sick and went to the nursing home for the last 4.5 years of his life, and I wrote a song called "another test" which i dedicated to his memory with these fire lyrical bars I have in it: ...and like buckshot and krs one i have a crew ready to clean up whenever i step to plate hitting clean up like curtis granderson or mo vaughn hitting grand slams over all the bums each battle of life is being won with a power of jesus there's no such thing as laziness all the power is reaching from heaven throughout all the tests
  16. that's an interesting concept, now that's what i call keepin it real, this should bring out some classic material
  17. well krs' personality obviously questionable and controversial but so are a lot of other artists people praise in hip hop like 2pac, nwa, eminem, biggie, and the artists that influenced hip hop like james brown, michael jackson, prince, and ray charles weren't necessarily angels either, and even all of us who aren't professional artists have questionable character flaws we're all human, i know everyone is also quick to crucify bill cosby for obvious reason too but you can't deny how he influenced the world with "the cosby show", now obviously i don't condone everything krs one says and does but i don't deny his greatness musically, only a handful of legends have reached his body of work as an artist...
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