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  1. Meh, no better than the DVD I made for myself. I'll wait until the real deal comes out.
  2. I left my computer on for a whole week, and I think I shared every file I had at least once. Now it's time for the machine to rest.
  3. Heh... 8 months, not 8 years... Even I don't love "Fresh Prince" [i]that[/i] much! Glad to see you all like it. Feel free to rate episodes by clicking on the "Discussion" link at the bottom of each guide--maybe we can determine what the best episode is once and for all.
  4. With the addition of "I, Whoops, There It Is," I can proudly announce that the Couch Potato Central Fresh Prince episode guide is complete! It's taken me 8 months, but now every episode has correct info, guest stars, and incredibly detailed plot outlines. [url="http://www.couchpotatocentral.com/index.php?page=epindex2&editcat=The%20Fresh%20Prince%20of%20Bel-Air"]http://www.couchpotatocentral.com/index.ph...%20of%20Bel-Air[/url] I don't care if nobody cares. I'm still happy. :switch: And I couldn't have done it without the Fresh Prince IRC channel!
  5. Thanks for the help, I got all the episodes I needed.
  6. I think it already happened. All that info is from the Home Theater Forum chat earlier this year.
  7. WOOO! it works! Only thing I have a problem with is after I try to do -> [Fresh^Prince] THE Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, no new window pops up. It does with the others... Most of the time, it says Fresh^Prince is away. Ooh, and how do I gain access to voice-restricted areas? I started serving, but I still get this message: Please begin serving to gain voice access to have access to this trigger, thank you :). -=SysReset 2.53=-
  8. Here's one... Are there any IRC clients that don't cost money? I just downloaded SysReset like the help site told me to, and it says I only have a 30 day evaluation. Also, what does it mean to leech?
  9. Darn, why IRC? I've never been able to understand how to use it. I just started using bitTorrent, however, that that is really easy.
  10. Hello! For the past several months, I've been working hard on episode guides and character profiles for Couch Potato Central. Now, I've had a little change of pace. This past week I began working on a new project, and tonight it is finished. It's an interactive game called DVD Release. Details are listed below. [quote]DVD Release is an online text-based strategy game that puts you in control of a DVD production company. Your goal is to take classic TV shows, and bring them over to DVD. You start with $1,000,000, and must budget your resources to create a product that will be both appealing to consumers and profitable to your company. In an easy, step-by-step process, you will choose a show, create special features, market your product and set the price, at which point you will receive an analysis of how you did, what went wrong, and how to fix it. Not enough for you? DVD Release also keeps track of your completed DVD, and matches its sales up against other online players. As time goes on, you’ll (hopefully) become successful and with additional profits create bigger and better releases, until you have the money and skills to create every fan’s dream. So don’t wait, try it out! Game play takes only a few minutes, and you can resume your game at any time.[/quote] So, it's nice to see the project completed, and now I'd just like to get some input on it. What does everyone think? Is it a good idea? Good gameplay? Any bugs? Most importantly, are you having fun with it? :-P Check it out at [url="http://www.couchpotatocentral.com"]http://www.couchpotatocentral.com[/url] and let me know. Thanks!
  11. If anybody would like to contribute more info about Fresh Prince or any other show, let me know.
  12. Mr. Fellows in [url="http://www.couchpotatocentral.com/index.php?page=epview&cat=The%20Fresh%20Prince%20of%20Bel-Air&title2=Def%20Poet's%20Society"]Def Poet's Society[/url]... pretending to know who Raphael De La Ghetto is.
  13. Hey, Last week I was involved in the launch of a new website, Couch Potato Central. Probably the biggest section we have is the one on Fresh Prince... I'm almost done with the episode guide, and we've also got characters, trivia, quotes, and more. Thought you guys might be interested. [url="http://www.couchpotatocentral.com"]http://www.couchpotatocentral.com[/url] or [url="http://freshprince.couchpotatocentral.com"]http://freshprince.couchpotatocentral.com[/url] What do you think?
  14. All six seasons together would probably end up costing about $300 ($50 per) anyways. It might even be worth it if they all came out at once. At least Season 1 isn't 13 episodes like some of the other shows they release.
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