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  1. haha you could say the whole BWS album isn't talked about too much except around here, the whole feeling of it is timeless. Perfectly described where he was at in his life.

    No More is one of my faves, soo deeep. The Rain will always be a fav too. Damn its crazy, I've always loved his whole catalog. List goes on and on...wouldn't even be into music if it weren't for him and Jeff, thats why I'll always rep them, no matter what anyone else thinks of their music.

  2. they release j.d. albums every month. lol. you heard ill j's album? he only used dilla beats from the delicious vynil era

    Yeah I listened to some of it, but haven't bought it yet. Illa's album was 08 though, so you can't really say that he has stuff out every month. Dilla is the MAN, still has quality material coming out years after his death. Kinda reminds me of the amount of work Pac did while he was alive, to be able to do that much material is amazing to me.

  3. Any1 cop it yet? Just came out today. Looks like all unreleased beats and tracks, some classic material. PR mixed it too. Features include Black thought, Bun B, Blu, MF Doom, Raekwon, Frank Witty + more. Easily my favorite album of the year by far. DOPE!!


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