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  1. you just mad caus all you'r idols are moving on even tho they are twice your age..lol

    No...all dudes saying is whenever real emcees are asked about Wayne, they ONLY praise him because he is "on top". I think the reason why they don't say he is a wack rapper is because they don't want to be quoted for it basically.

    Big Daddy Kane is a legend though, and after hearing The Garden I think the Kane could easily put together another dope album if he wanted to.

  2. I really liked this movie and got what it was about. As usual my opinion of a movie differs from critics which is why I don't listen to them.

    It was a bit predictable(I pretty much figured out the movie about a third of the way in) but liked the strong performances. This is one of those movies that's not for the audience at large. This is one of those risky movies that makes you think. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I thought it would be depressing but I found it very inspirational.

    Well put!! I felt the same way about this movie for the most part, although I didn't really find it depressing. Definitely could tell Will stepped his game up and did something he hasn't really done in his acting career in my opinion (besides POH).

    I'd give it a 8.5 or 9.

  3. I just saw this today, and personally I really really liked it. I thought Will did a great job in my opinon, especially cause its something so different from what we're used to seeing from him. 7P was dope to me, because it made me actually THINK. Thats probably why it doesn't appeal to as many peeps, they want to be entertained without effort. It really made me think about how helping others out has such a powerful impact, plus it is one of the best feelings to truly help someone in need. Such a positive message and puts things perspective for real.

    I don't know about ya'll...this is one I'm going to see again in the theaters with my mom cause I know she'll like it.

  4. Yo I don't care about box office ratings or critics personally, a good movie is a good movie to me. I haven't actually had a chance to see this (though I'm pretty sure I'll like it), Will should be proud of the work hes done even though he hasn't reached his ultimate goal yet.

  5. I'll write a review later. For now, i'm just gonna say i liked it. The 2nd half of the film was amazing. I'll probably see it again (the 1st FP movie i'll see twice in theaters since POH.

    Hell yeah, tired of all this negative energy personally. I'm no movie critic, cause I pretty much view each movie as its own piece of art that many people have put their heart into. I like most movies I see honestly.

  6. hahahaha this thread is funnyyy....

    Will tells Carlton hes a virgin too when Carlton almost gets married and confesses that hes a virgin. Even though he said at the poker table Ms. X gave him an unforgetable going away present before he left Philly.

    Geoffry's last name is conveniently "Butler"

    Jazz doesn't have a last name (atleast no one knows it)

    Ashley isn't comfortable with people "looking at her body" (& becomes a model in real life)

    Hilary always lands good jobs without credits (catering, TV host, News Station, etc.)

    Geoffry claims he has seen both Uncle Phil & the new Aunt Viv naked.

  7. Ok, fine I'll give you that...lol.

    Now Bart obviously posted a Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony track, but I'm not too familiar with their work so I cannot tell you the song name...

    Dayz of Our Lives - Bone Thugz

    Is that a Jay Z track Turn?

  8. CREAM - Wu Tang Clan

    2nd Verse - 90s

    Finally in the studio y'all know we roll hydro every time

    We rhyme I'm high look at me deeply in my eyes I rise

    Stay on top of the game

    Nowhere did I had to run no way did I had to turn

    Sherm but a lot of these niggas won't learn with the money that I earn won't burn so come again

    Betta watch that mac-10 nigga this one's for me and my

    Friends we steadily rollin' I told ya keep bringin' mo' platinum and gold ones

    Pap pap put it all in tha ground yeah Bone

    Yeah we used to get down [get down]

    With tha clack back put it on the ground now get down

    Now it must be cops stroll when I roll in a hindo indo standin'

    All out of my window singin'

    Little Eazy bless his soul it's so cold [so cold]

    But he doesn't got stress for the peeps the streets

    And none of these phonies hardly know me still wanna pop that bitch but

  9. Royce Da 5'9" - Boom - Always liked that track alot, never looked into much of dudes other material.

    Heres one for ya:

    Yo! It's been instilled in me since infinite y'all

    Usin these minutes like I value the call

    Put your money in the bank, and hold rank

    over friends who ain't got leadership skills

    I got the sheep in my eyes so I can't sleep

    We like the, land and laid, the brand old way

    Grand operate the scandal way, L.I. sheist

    I play the X-Box instead of ****ing with dice

    I hate losin to those who walk away with my dough

    cause I dozed, Tracy broke me

    And now she wanna see the resident provoking me

    to pop wheelies on my bicycle, watch her eyes twinkle

    One house, two houses, third house

    House rules so house take bank, watch Dave bank

    Banner had 'em on the hawk since Atlanta extravaganza

    Gamma ray rap I make the Hulk snap

    Jump back like James Brown, hey now

    When the liquor over we smoking the hay now

    Delegating numero dos, I holla out the sound of los

    And keep the Island close to me

    By the way cool thread bro!

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