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  1. The dude looks highly photoshopped here...

    Word, that doesn't look right for some reason...if it really is a real picture, than he is definitely going back to his old style when he first got into the game.

    Are you sure thats a new picture?? Looks like it could be from the late 90s...

  2. Damn people! whats going on with u? Im just finding out with yall that this was fake.. I just saw it, thought it was legitimate since I have him in myspace and all, and decided to bring yall the news. I wasnt messing with yall. Damn.

    Read through the thread again, with the exception of Tim, no-one is really having a pop at you dude.

    Its just hella funny :lolsign:

    What about ant? Dude seemed pretty pissed too haha.

    Don't shoot the messenger! Shoot the message...wait...

  3. I saw this movie last week and I thought it was dope overall! I think it was definitely put together well, even tho like you mentioned Tiger they skipped over some parts they shoulda had in it. I think it was cool to get a first hand look at his life though. I recommend it to all hip hop fans!

  4. I'm digging the sounds, but I think it isn't a good marketing strategy to say that your **** is an all time classic and one of the best of '08 without having anything to back it up. Honestly it just makes you seem a little big headed yo, be a little bit more humble and cats might take notice.

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