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  1. I heard he doesn't even write his verses at all, just freestyles everything :chores038: I can believe that cause my roommate is good enough to freestyle tracks out too with ease, but he chooses to write.

    I give him props for his hustle, but I can't listen to his music without laughing at how ****** up he sounds or how bad his lyrics are..

  2. Thats pretty funny but it kinda makes the Simpson's look desperate for attention IMO...

    Don't really think 'The Simpsons' are looking for attention after 20 years to be honest.

    Yeah I know, don't get me wrong the Simpson's have always held it down. But I think that putting a character from their show on the cover of Playboy is their way of getting their name back in the news, when all the attention lately directed towards the Cleveland Show and Family Guy. They want to stay current in order to be compete with other shows out today.

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