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  1. and sayin that it took will 5 yrs 2 get em bk if im not mistaken he said "all u rappers yellin bout who u put in a herse do me 1 favour write 1 verse without a curse" and will has better things 2 do than bother with em
  2. its still as fresh as when i first listened 2 it
  3. i bet he didnt even listen 2 it and he thought it would b like born 2 reign bcoz sum ppl didnt like that album and also this is his first album in like 3 yrs and he if afraid that hell take the spotlight away from em to where it ritefully blongs and that is shining on will
  4. em is just a mcdonalds reject and need 50 cent and g unit 2 back him up but will has the skillz 2 go solo and 2 do colabs when he wnts
  5. will smith is a legend in all respects and all of his careers
  6. go urself maxfly, u got him owned
  7. i found this on and em forum Will Smith TAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHT Eminem how to rap. Will Smith made rap available to white people like Eminem with his comical approach. Will Smith's tracks got bit by the early Eminem. Eminem's only had one film, and that was wack. Too many of you ****ers decided you wanted to rap as a result of it and none of you are resulting to anything. Will Smith is greater than Eminem in so many ways. Oscars going to African Americans is a lot rarer than to white people, whilst on another note, people were shocked Eminem could play the part of ...himself... in a film :O? Wow what a talent to have. Will Smith's not 'excelled' himself in years because he's consistantly great. Will Smith is powerful enough to turn down the greatest film opportunities because he has better things to do with his time (e.g. Matrix, which he felt wasn't worth the effort and spent his time with his family instead).
  8. em dont have the rappin skillz 2 :hilarious:
  9. mary.j.blige does have a gr8 voice and i dont think eminem would ever diss will for that song
  10. i bought encore a couple of months ago, ive only listened 2 it twice and i got bored of it and i listen to lost and found like 5 times a day and its still very gud
  11. im not really bothered that he swore, he was speakin bout 9/11 so he was just rappin bout how he feels, who can fault him for that
  12. i didnt think i wuld like tell me y bcoz im not the biggest mary.j.blige fan but it turned out 2 b really good
  13. he shuld do a movie wit hhis long time friend dj jazzy jeff
  14. i think it shuld b pump ya brakes, coz switch was a dance track and so is party starter (i think it is anyways) and it wuld b gud 2 c will gettin sum support from snoop
  15. Welcome to da greatest board on earth!!!!!!!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: PS: I agree u unless the fav. track - mine is Tell Me Why! :sonny: thanks im sure ill enjoy postin here, it was hard 2 pick a fav song bcoz ive liked all of will smiths songs
  16. he says ass on lost and found, he says f**k on tell me why
  17. hey this is my first post here and my fav song on his new album is swagga but all the songs are brill by far the best hip hop album since his last 1
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